Online Urdu Calligraphy Contest at PU

First ever “Urdu Calligraphy” contest

Online Urdu Calligraphy Contest at PU

Chandigarh: Department of Urdu, Panjab University organized first ever “Urdu Calligraphy” contest today which saw participants from students and research Scholars.

Dr. Ali Abbas, Coordinator of the Department said that though it was an online contest yet the students had shown keen interest which is an encouraging sign.  The students have realized that importance of Calligraphy especially to improve their own handwriting, he added.

Dr. Abbas said that Calligraphy was an ancient art developed and perfected by our ancestors.  “Calligraphy underlines the importance of perfection and excellence achieved after a lot of practice and perseverance.  It disciplines one’s mind, heart and hand through concentration to produce a decorative piece nothing sort of a thing of beauty is a joy for ever.

Result:             Ms. Kamni Chaudhary               Ist
Ms. Aishwarya Bhatia              2nd
Mr. Manik Ahuja                     3rd