On World Meditation Day Sony SAB artists share about practicing yoga and meditation in their lives

World Meditation Day falls on May 31

On World Meditation Day Sony SAB artists share about practicing yoga and meditation in their lives
Dev Joshi practising Yoga in morning.

Gulki Joshi (Haseena Mallik from Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir)
Emphasizing on the importance of working out while at home, Gulki said, “Fitness for me is the ideal balance between mind, body and soul. These three elements are interconnected. My fitness mantra is ‘Do what your body allows you to do comfortably’. Once you reach a comfort level, push yourself more to acquire a desired level of fitness. Keeping a healthy balance between your mind and body is really important given the hectic lifestyle we are surrounded with. To keep my mind and body in sync, I rely on yoga. This is the time that we have got to rest but it is equally important to keep our body fit and active. Although most of my exercise is done just by cleaning the house, I have also been doing yoga and some other exercises at home.”
Krishna Bharadwaj (Pandit Rama Krishna from Sony SAB’s Tenali Rama)
Talking about how he is keeping himself positive, Krishna says, “I am glad I have got some time to explore my spiritual side again as I have been meditating a lot, which I couldn’t do earlier due to hectic shoot schedules. This helps stay calm and keeps the mind healthy. If we look at the positive side of this situation, then I would say Mother Nature has got time to heal itself. So, my message to everyone is that let’s take this time to work upon ourselves, do everything that we wanted to do all these years and most importantly, spend time with our family because that is what matters the most.”
Dev Joshi (Baalveer from Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns)
Dev Joshi while talking about his routine and the importance of exercising at home, said, “The time-off from the shoot has been a much need break for me. While I enjoy my work and miss the fun on the sets, staying safe at home with my family feels like a blessing in disguise. I’m trying to make the best use of this abundant time. I start my day with yoga which refreshes my mind and followed by a hearty breakfast. Fitness for me is a healthy body. Having six pack abs or a chiseled physique has never been my priority. Fitness for me roots from a healthy lifestyle which enables me to perform every activity with energy and I try to incorporate that in my daily routine.”