On drug de-addiction day, webinar held by FICCI FLO organization

The organization regularly conducts programmes for social welfare

On drug de-addiction day, webinar held by FICCI FLO organization

Ludhiana: On Drug De-addiction Day held on 26th June, 2021, a webinar was held today by FICCI FLO organization. FICCI FLO is the women wing of the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The organization regularly conducts programmes for social welfare.

In today’s webinar on Drug De addiction, the programme was moderated by Mrs Monika Chaudhary and the panelists during the programme include Police Commisioner Rakesh Aggarawal,Dr Ranjive Mahajan (Professor & Head of Psychiatry, DMCH) and Dr Mamta Singla (HOD,Psychiatry Department,CMC Ludhiana)

Police Commissioner Rakesh Aggarwal informed that the State Government has imposed stringent measures to deal with menance of Drug Abuse. Over the years, the Punjab Police force has worked day and night to identify the sources of Drug supply and a special task force is built to nab the culprits dealing in drug trade.

Dr Ranjive Mahajan said that the people in India have to be cautious enough that taking drug is extremely harmful for overall health. Its use give people a very temporary high which soon become a dreaded habit and creates havoc with user’s health and his interpersonal relationship with family members and friends. Dr Mahajan said that DRUG use is just pleasure-oriented behavior which has nothing to do with calming your mind and feel relaxed. He strongly condemned that in Punjab, alcohol is never considered as a DRUG, when there is tremendous consumption of it in the state. Lack of physical activity and non-interest in social activities also contribute in making people vulnerable of taking drugs.

Dr Mamta Singla from CMC also discussed about various measures which the family members of drug addict has to undertake to help an addict in getting out this hell like situation and restore his normal routine and activity.