Managing epilepsy during covid times

It is highly recommended that patient with ‘epilepsy’ should never miss their medication

Managing epilepsy during covid times

Ludhiana: ‘Epilespy’ or ‘mirgi’ (known in local language) can be easily managed with medications and other strategies. Department of Neurology under the guidance of Dr Gagandeep Singh (Professor & Head) and his fellow colleagues including Dr Rajinder Bansal, Dr Barinder Pal and Dr Monika Singla  has undertaken many research work and other awareness activities to make people aware of various myths attached with this much overrated disease.

In his recent interview being aired on a local channel, Dr Gagandeep Singh says Epilepsy, the fourth most common neurological disorder, affects people of all ages and can cause unpredictable seizures. But there is nothing to feel afraid if anyone has this problem. It is highly recommended that patient with ‘epilepsy’ should never miss their medication.

There are many well-known world figures who had been victims of ‘Epilepsy’ buy it never came as deterrent in their personal and personal accomplishments. Some such renowned figures are Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Former USA President-Theodore Roosevalt, Star Cricketer- Jonty Rhodes and many other Hollywood celebrities.   

Managing epilepsy during COVID-19
  There is no direct evidence that the coronavirus infection can directly cause epilepsy. However, like all infections that can cause high fever, breathing difficulties and other problems, being infected can result in a person who is susceptible to epilepsy, suffer breakthrough episodes.
  Avoid visiting clinics and hospitals for single episode of seizure unless you feel it is absolutely necessary.
  Doing Yoga or meditation daily will help in improving overall life style
  Adequate amount of sleep is very much required and good sleep hygiene should be maintained.  
  It is advisable to put way all digital media before retiring to bed and instead, read a book or listen to  gentle instrumental music