Maha Covid deaths cross 1.40 lakh, cases 66 lakh

Maha Covid deaths cross 1.40 lakh, cases 66 lakh
Source: IANS

Mumbai, Oct 24 (IANS) As Maharashtra has almost been fully "unlocked", the state's Covid-19 death toll crossed the 1.40-lakh mark on Sunday - a day after the total infections shot past the 66 lakh mark, health officials said.

Exactly 20 months after the pandemic lockdown was implemented on March 24/25 2020, the state toll now stands at a whopping 140,016.

On Saturday, the state's total caseload shot past the 66-lakh mark - from 65,99,850 on October 22 to touch 66,01,551 (October 23).

Both the tally and the toll are the highest in the country.

At the global level, Maharashtra with 66,02,961 case till now, ranks just below France which stands at No 7 with 71,20,863 total infections till date.

As far as fatalities go, the state with 140,106 deaths stands just below Indonesia's 143,205 deaths on the Worldometer.