Magsaysay award winner Anshu Gupta says, more people are dying due to lack of clothes than any other calamities


Viivek Verma, Lokesh, Major Mohammed Ali Shah, Kamini Saraf, S T. Krishna Prasad, Anshu Gupta, Harish Mehta.

Hyderabad, April 27, 2017: City has given birth to a new platform “Disruppt”, to share Disrupt moments in life, people and processes.

Floated by Viiveck Verma, Harish Mehta and Lokesh Nathany, three coaches and motivational speakers, the platform took birth five months ago in the city. Since then it has held five meetings across India at Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. The main objective of the new platform is to create DiSRUPPtion in the minds, thoughts, ideas, words and actions of your daily personal and professional life said Viiveck Verma – Co Founder of DiSRUPPt Thinking LLP.

How do you create disruption in mind, thought and ideas? - The founders said we will do so by a unique approach -- through Speaker programs which include panel discussion and interactive sessions. We will also organise intense workshops and also through Leadership Development and Executive Coaching they informed.
The founders plans to take this platform forward to ten other cities like Bangalore, Gurgaon, Jainpur, Pune, Chandigarh, Chennai, New Delhi, Bhubaneshwar, Nagpur and others. The plans are also on the anvil to take this movement forward to Dubai, Singapore, Kaulalampur etc. If this proves successful, India will give birth to one very distinct international forum, they informed.

They had roped in three eloquent speakers , T. Krishna Prasad, DGP--Road Safety Authority, The First such Authority established in India; Major Mohammed Ali Shah, Theater Actor with background of Indian Army, Corporate and Bollywoood background and Anshu Gupta, Founder of Goonj, popularly known as clothing man who taught India how to donate at Disruppt 2017 edition meeting held at Hotel Trident in city yesterday night.

The three speakers enlightened a packed audience of 250 yesterday night about their journeys and their moments of disruption in their lives.

The World is going to change in next 10 /15years faster than it changed in 100years told the speakers. DiSRUPPtion is everywhere. It is new and revolutionary. And is changing everything. Customer’s demands are changing, competitive landscape is changing, the collaborations, partnerships are changing, employee’s engagement methods are changing. Nothing is left same and untouched, observed speakers. The only way to cope with this is to DISRUPPt the current and create a new YOU.

DGP Krishna Prasad outlined various disruptive movements of his life, which include taking all police stations in the state online. He spoke about CCTNS, Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems project, which Improves delivery of citizen-centric services through effective usage of ICT. The project was envisaged to record every individual crime record in a national database, which is very unique and this was one of the disruptive moments of my life he told the audience. He spoke about Disruption in Police and how naxalite movement was driven out of the state. In the past tribals rebelled against the establishment. Now they chased the naxalites away with bows and arrows, he informed. He also spoke about various other initiatives in Child Trafficking, Road Safety, introducing PPP(Public Private Partnership) in Infrastructure projects, which were the result of disruptive thinking, Krishna Prasad told his audience.

In this country more people are dying due to lack of clothes than any other calamities said Anshu Gupta, the top social entrepreneur who founded Goonj, a Delhi-based non-governmental organisation that positions the under-utilised urban material as a development resource for the rural parts of India.

Over 80% of Indian women do not have hygienic, clean and regular supply of sanitary napkins/ clean cloth for those ‘3 days of the month he told them.

’Anshu Gupta, a Magsaysay award winner, told very heartening stories to the audience which moved them as some moments and pictures were very disturbing.

No doubt, we are the “fastest growing economy of the world” but a country where lakhs of people still die of cold due to lack of clothing every winter. Many rural women lose their uterus’ at their prime child bearing age due to infections since they do not have a ‘clean protection’ during their monthly menstruation cycles.

Anshu, one time journalist and a Corporate Executive, gave up his career and started Goonj. He decided he would make it his mission to clothe as many poor people as he could across the country. He began with 7- 10 pairs of clothings of his family and then began looking for donations and hand outs from others. Today they have hundreds of tons of clothes to distribute, barter. They handle 3000 tonnes of material annually.
‘The dignity of the recipients is as important as the pride of donors’ says Anshu Gupta. He came up with a novel scheme of ‘barter’. For the clothes you need, you donate your labour. The old concept of ‘Shramdan’. It has produced some wonderful results, he told the audience.

Anshu showed pictures of how roads, bridges and an entire section of Mangroves in Bengal built from scratch with such ‘shramdan’.

Towards the end of his presentation, he highlighted the importance of clothes by showing some very heartening pictures of clothesless people whose appearance changed the moment they put on clothes. From looking like beggars, drunkards and sickly old people, they began looking presentable, civilized and decent.

So it is not just as protection from cold that people need clothes, they need them to look and feel like citizens from normal mainstream of life, he said for which the audience gave him thunderous applause and instant standing ovation.

Major Mohammed Ali Shah, Theater Actor shared his journey from the life in Army to Corporate World to Bollywood. Mohommed Ali Shah spoke about how his one single thought of being an actor continued to DiSRUPPt his life through his journey in a call center, during his stint in the Army and his management course at IIM Kolkata. He was finally able to manifest his DiSRUPPtive thought by getting a opportunity to act in Haider. His talk inspired the audience about its important to have a vision and pursue that for it become a reality as he shared the difficulties he faced and how he overcame those.

Thursday, April 27, 2017