M3M Foundation organizes tree plantation drive in Gurugram on 74th I-Day

The plantation drive commenced in the morning

M3M Foundation organizes tree plantation drive in Gurugram on 74th I-Day

Gurugram: Children and senior citizens converged on 74th Independence Day to plant saplings in Gurugram. Organized by M3M Foundation, the objective of the initiative was to instil awareness on the significance of sustainability amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative forms the part of the Vriksh Arpan programme- a pledge to plant 1 million trees.

The plantation drive commenced in the morning.  The saplings were primarily flowers and herbal plants such as Basil, Giloy, Curry Leaves, Aloe vera, Ashwagandha, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, mint, coriander,  Mango, Guava, lemon, pomegranate among others. These bountiful immunity boosters would be highly beneficial for residents. 

“As India celebrates the 74th Independence Day amid the COVID-19 crisis, adoption of sustainability will play a pivotal role in making our country habitable for the future generation.  Senior citizens are our role models for leading a harmonious co-existence with Nature whereas these children are the leaders of tomorrow who will spearhead the sustainability revolution in India. The initiative is our small effort to give back to the Indian soil that has nurtured us over decades. It underscores our commitment to realizing the vision of sustainable development in India,” said, Dr. Payal Kanodia, Trustee, M3M Foundation.

A resident of M3M Golf Estate and a participant, said: “Trees ensure greenery and bring a lot of benefits to us. We must embrace greenery to prepare India for the future.”

A senior citizen, another resident of M3M Golf Estate and a participant, said: “The older generation used to live in harmony with Nature.  The present time has made us realize its significance to go back to our roots and bring a positive change in society.”

M3M Foundation is a non-governmental organization that envisions to empower the vulnerable section of the society including the marginalized, differently-abled, women and children and fulfills the dream of holistic and sustainable development in India. Its focus areas are women's empowerment, education, and environment. Stop Food Waste Campaign, Free Health Check-up, Blood Donation Camp, Clothes Donation Drive are some of the initiatives. It is also working for the upliftment of construction workers by providing them access to education and health facilities.