Lt Governor of Puducherry and India’s First Woman IPS Officer Dr Kiran Bedi interacted with LPU Students

Forwarded Valuable lessons to the students in an Informative & inspirational session

Lt Governor of Puducherry and India’s First Woman IPS Officer Dr Kiran Bedi interacted with LPU Students
Lt. Governor of Puducherry and India’s first woman IPS Officer Dr Kiran Bedi interacting with LPU students and staff.

Jalandhar: Making students to always ‘Think Big’ and stand on exemplary lines, Lovely Professional University (LPU) is continuously providing them with opportunities for valuable interactions with iconic personalities, even during this Covid-19 affected sluggish period for their studies. On these lines, Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry and India’s First Woman IPS Officer, Dr Kiran Bedi, too, interacted with LPU students. Being versatile in her approach towards life and being many of the key-posts in diverse fields, she forwarded valuable lessons to the students in an Informative, inspirational, and motivational session. LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal thanked Dr Bedi for her needed online session and guiding LPU students with her life experiences and influential thoughts.

LPU students, especially girl students, asked her how as the first woman IPS Officer what had spurred her to take up policing; message to young Indian women; what she wants to see girls be like; and many more. LPU students indeed had an experience of life time while interacting with the versatile iconic leader, author, sportswoman, social worker and a great human being-Dr Kiran Bedi. Everything shared by her entailed an important message that each of the young women and men should absorb, adopt and exhibit. Her legendary talks left an indelible mark upon the participants.

Dr Bedi shared that she grew up as a focused girl who did not have any role model, and she followed her parents’ vision that women are no less. So she went on and on with her workings to become independent. In this regard, the biggest life-skill her parents provided her is “clarity of mind and capacity of taking her own decision”.

Invoking young students she asked them to have a vision about what they want to be: Once destination is set, start journey and stay on it. The most important leadership quality is to know whether one wants to be a leader and accept the responsibility. One should be worthy of trust to take up a leadership role. Believing firmly in Indian youth and its power, she forwarded that India is full of youth which is ever energetic, law-abiding, disciplined, keen to be employed and earn for themselves. They are reactive and innovative and taking India forward.

While thanking LPU for a great session with its loving and appreciative students and for getting the maximum out of her, she also shared about her daily routine. She shared that she works, eats, rests and exercises at the right time and in the right amount. Proportioning everything correctly is very important.