Last minute announcements to woo public showcasing Congress Government’s desperation and insecurity: Anurag Thakur


Dharamshala, October 11, 2017: Taking a jibe at the Congress lead Himachal Government for making last minute announcements, BJP MP Anurag Thakur said that the last minute announcements are showcasing Congress Government’s desperation to woo public.

Commenting on the same, Thakur said, “I would like to ask Sh.Virbhadra Singh ji that what were he and his Government busy doing for the past 5 years, why did they not consider public and State welfare. Now with elections approaching, the CM is making all sorts of announcements just to disguise the public and earn brownie points. However, had he spent time with people he would have known that they will not fall prey to his false announcements anymore and he cannot befool them with any of his desperate tactics now.”

In his press release issued here today Anuraag added,“Going by the facts, in the past 5 years, CM has made close to 1600 announcements out of which there is no update on around 1300 announcements. Given to this progress rate, the State has been negatively impacted and gone 10 years behind in terms of development.”

“This attitude clearly highlights that since 5 years, CM was busy taking care of his welfare and managing his corruption court cases and could not attend to public welfare. However, the fear of loosing this election has sent shivers down his spine and now he is running in all directions making frivolous announcements. It is extremely unfortunate that most of the announcements made by CM over the past 5 years has seen negligible results on ground be it in the field of education, public work, healthcare, travel or tourism.”

Talking about State Government’s move to lower petrol and diesel price, Thakur said, “On the directive of the Central government, the State Government has lowered the VAT by 1% which in working comes to 52 paisa on petrol and 43 paisa diesel. Had the State Government been concerned about the welfare of the public, then it would have lowered a significant amount like other States such as Gujarat or Maharashtra. This clearly highlights that it is only given to the political pressure and fear of loosing elections that they have lowered the VAT.”

Wednesday, October 11, 2017