Kejriwal, Mann making “cheap political spectacle” out of MOU: Chugh

Says AAP demonstrating great disrespect to Punjab teachers and doctors 

Kejriwal, Mann making “cheap political spectacle” out of MOU: Chugh
Tarun Chugh, a BJP leader.

Chandigarh, April 26, 2022: BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today lambasted Punjab chief minister Bhagwant Mann and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for "making a cheap political spectacle out of the MOUs that the two states signed today.

In a statement Chugh said there had been scores of examples where leaders from one state have been picking up lessons from other states but signing of MOUs is a new and a weird tradition that AAP is going to set.

"By signing MOU in two states where AAP has been in power Kejriwal and Mann are only making a political statement  in a crude manner to tell the country that wherever AAP would form the government there would be a political liaison between the states", Chugh said adding that it was a new challenge to the federal structure of the country.

Chugh came down heavily on the Punjab chief minister for going to Delhi to study the Delhi model of schools without understanding the exact situation of schools in Punjab.

Chugh said during the Akali Dal-BJP rule in 2016 Punjab was ranked second in the country for its school education system while Delhi was graded far back in the ladder.

He said the AAP government in Punjab should set the house in order within the state instead of rushing to Delhi and make a political drama out of the entire issue. "It is a gross insult to the self-respect of Punjab and Punjabis", Chugh added.