A journey from fb group to launch of book titled Resonating String `Lehar Lehar Iktara’!


The book titled Resonating Strings `Lehar Lehar Iktara’ being launched in Ludhiana on Sunday.

Ludhiana, March 8, 2015: `Poets Artists Unplugged’ on Sunday organised the launch ceremony of the book titled Resonating String `Lehar Lehar Iktara’ - A multilingual anthology of poems, artwork and photographs celebrating the joys of womanhood on the occasion of International Women’s Day at Satluj Club, Ludhiana. 
Rajat Aggarwal, Deputy Commissioner, Ludhiana was the Chief Guest and Noted Poet and Author of Punjabi Literature Jaswant Zafar was Guest of Honour.
This anthology dedicated to celebrating the substance of womanhood on Women’s International Day 2015 comprising of twenty two Hindi, twenty one English, seven Punjabi and four Urdu poems, illustrated by artworks and photographs is a dream come alive due to the contributions of seasoned poets and artists as well as budding amateurs. The core group comprising of Lt Col Shyam (Retd) who is the brain behind this beautiful anthology.
Monica Oswal, one of the Administrators of `Poets Artists Unplugged’ says, what began as a Facebook group three years back started by two friends Driftwood Ashore and Poonam Dhandnia, is a vibrant group today that often gathers live for Poetry & Art events and also directing the medium of poetry and art towards arousing social awareness of nature conservation and mitigating hardships of the oppressed, neglected and needy sections of society. 
Poets, Artists Unplugged group provides a dynamic forum to poets and artists for expressing and honing their creative expressions and it is shortly going to release its group bilingual anthology of poems, art and photographs. Titled “Resonance स्पंदन”. The anthology is making much news even before its launch. Since lots of others poets and artist expressed their desire to contribute and as International Women’s Day was around the corner, it chose the ignored theme of celebrating the Substance of Womanhood, the dream of Resonating String लहर लहरइकतारा was conceived. Rising to the occasion, Call for submissions for this anthology was kept open to public and the selection process was ensured as anonymous to focus only on merit. The mission to sift through deluge of submissions to find the gems that would ultimately adorn the Resonating String लहर लहर इकतारा was handed over to selection panels headed by established poets and artists.
The group has been closely involved with an Old Age Home in Delhi and plans to undertake more such themed projects in near future.  Poets, Artists Unplugged is a group dedicated to promoting poetry and art. Presently it is a 250 member group with members from all over the world. It boasts of some accomplished poets in Hindi, English, Urdu and Punjabi as also acclaimed artists and reputed photographers, rubbing shoulders with them are plenty of talented and budding poets and artists from all genders, age groups and different walks of life.
Poets, Artists Unplugged expresses its heartfelt gratitude to Sudarshan Kcherry, Managing Director, Authorpress India for his prompt support in realising this dream and the selection panel comprising of D Russel Micnhimer & Nalini Priyadarshini for English poems, Surindra Mohan Sharma & Dr. Reena Singh for Hindi Poems, Sakina Minhaj Shikari  & Mohammad Ahsan for Urdu poems & Dr Manpreet Dhindsa Sahota for Punjabi Poems.  The group is also indebted to acclaimed Urdu Poet Naseer Ahmed Nasir, to celebrated Photographer Robi Chakraborty & ace photographer- Vijendra Trighatia for adorning the group’s humble effort with their valuable contributions.  
Art & illustrations have been selected by Shivali Dhaka, she has also painted the front cover which resonates with our title and theme, the back cover has been created by Picky Bindra. 
Speaking on the launch of the book, Ludhiana deputy commissioner Rajat Aggarwal lauded the efforts being made by the organisers in promoting art and literature. He also appreciated poetry and art works presented in the book. 
Sunday, March 8, 2015