JD-U poster war: Lalan's photo missing from R.C.P. Singh's welcome banners

JD-U poster war: Lalan's photo missing from R.C.P. Singh's welcome banners
Source: IANS

Patna: An apparent rift in Bihar's ruling Janata Dal-United emerged on Sunday with posters, put at the party office to welcome Union Minister R.C.P. Singh, leaving out photos of newly-elected national President Lalan Singh and Parliamentary Board President Upendra Kushwaha.

The poster was published by JD-U youth wing President Abhay Kushwaha, who is said to be very close to R.C.P. Singh. Kushwaha, however, said that the omission was an error from his side.

"My supporters had given orders for the posters. They came up at the party office and other places in Patna in the morning hours. I was unable to see the posters before they were put up. Still, I admit that it was an error from my side and I am ready to face action from the party,"he said.

The poster war between R.C.P. Singh, on one side, and Lalan Singh and Kushwaha, on the other, has a bigger implication in the party politics.

While all three leaders are very strong in the party, Lalan Singh and Kushwaha are on one side, and were not pleased with the decision of R.C.P Singh, the then national President, to himself take up the Union ministry berth, leaving them out.

Lalan Singh, after being elected as party's national President in Delhi recently, showed his strength on his return to Patna on August 6, with his supporters putting on a grand welcome for him.

It has given a clear message to R.C.P. Singh and his supporters, who will also try to stage a similar show of strength before Nitish Kumar when he comes to Patna on August 16 for the first time after becoming Union Minister.