ITC’s Candyman Encourages Children To Ditch Virtual Fun & Get Real Adventure


A photograph related to ITC Candyman Tatto adventure.

Bangalore, December 22, 2017: ITC Foods today announced Ms.Vishwa Jarsaniya from Mumbai as the winner of the first edition of ‘Candyman Choco Double Eclairs (CCDE) Tattoo To Adventure Contest’. The contest was aimed at offering young audiences a platform to showcase their adventurous streak. With her quick thinking and timing, Vishwa emerged victorious, winning herself an international trip to Dubai with her family.

Children universally crave for fun and adventure. However, today’s parents are becoming increasingly concerned about their growing dependence on mobile devices and the virtual world for enjoyment. Candyman, confectionery brand from the house of ITC Foods, addressed this concern with the innovative Tattoo to Adventure Quest to encourage creativity and real-life adventure among children.

Tattoo To Adventure Contest was open to children across India and intended to attract young audiences with an inclination for real adventure. On purchase of each unit of Candyman Choco Double Eclairs, children would not only get a tattoo but were prompted to give a missed call to participate in the contest. About 27 lakh missed calls were received since the contest opened in February 2017, out of which 12 shortlisted children were invited to participate in the Adventure Quest in Bangalore.

Mr. Hemant Malik– Chief Divisional Officer, ITC Foods Division Ltd., said, “Candyman as a brand has been offering fun-filled experiences to the consumers with its wide range of products. In keeping with the philosophy of the brand, the underlying idea of the ‘Adventure Quest’ contest was to delight young consumers and offer them a chance to experience real life adventure. Candyman is a popular brand among the young audience and this was our way of encouraging them to learn real life skills and explore their capabilities in the real world.”

The event offered a fun-filled environment and the contest was enjoyed by the children and their parents alike, who interjected the need for adventure in the super competitive lives of their younger ones.

“I would like to thank Candyman Choco Double Eclairs for this opportunity. I am really excited to tell my friends back home about the win and about Dubai. I look forward to seeing the Burj Khalifa!”, said Vishwa Jarsaniya, the winner. While her mother beaming with pride said, "My daughter has always done well in such activities but today, she outdid herself and made me proud.”

Friday, December 22, 2017