Is global warming paving way towards natural calamities?

Is global warming paving way towards natural calamities?

Environment Scientists have already predicted of the negative impact of Global Warming in coming years. The world is witnessing unexpected changes in the climate and where the masses used to await for a drop of rain are witnessing heavy rains flooding the areas with flash floods and not only this snow storms (avalanche), heavy rains, melting of glaciers cannot be ruled out in coming years. 

The world has been witnessing heavy rains and floods not in the underdeveloped countries but also in the developed countries, flash floods and heavy rains were few years back witnessed in Europe, America, Australia and other countries. Similarly, unexpected snow and hail storms, avalanche were also witnessed in various countries.

In India heavy rains and flash floods were witnessed in various areas of Rajasthan. Many areas in Rajasthan were known for having a desert and the change of environment was witnessed due to the flow of water in Rajasthan Feeder also known as Indira Gandhi Canal   has ultimately changed the environment of Rajasthan. The sincere efforts of the people of Rajasthan by planting trees sapling on the banks of Indira Gandhi Canal and creating artificial ponds with plantation of sapling on the sides of the man-made ponds have changed the ultimate environment of this state.

The recent heavy rains in the Middle East have put the masses in dilemma who had never expected heavy rains and flash floods. Dubai, Oman and number of areas in Pakistan recently witnessed heavy rains which paved way towards heavy floods. The people of Dubai had never expected this type of rains and flash floods earlier, in the past artificial rain was the major concept towards keeping the environment intact but recently heavy rains and flash floods have put the world in dilemma that nature is above all and nobody is above the nature. The heavy rains brought the life to standstill even flooding the International Airport. Few years back Doha in Qatar also witnessed heavy rain and water logging in different areas. Is this not all due to global warming? Can climate change in the coming years play a positive role in converting the deserts to fertile areas? 

Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had advocated of taming of rivers through interlinking them so that during the days of monsoon due to heavy rains the rivers are flooded and create great havoc in the low-lying areas. The cleaning of River Ganges and other rivers in India are in progress, desiliting of sand from the rivers to keep flow of rivers intact are in progress. Nothing can be predicted in regard to the heavy rains or snowfall or natural calamities like earth quakes, tsunami which can create a great havoc when they occur. 

In most of the areas of Punjab on Friday witnessed rain whereas the farmers after the festival of Baisakhi start harvesting their wheat crop. Due to strong winds and hailstorm in few areas the standing crop of wheat has upset the farmers for their declining quality of the wheat and few of the standing wheat crop have lied on the ground putting the farmers in dilemma over there wheat crop. Few years back strong winds and rain destroyed the wheat crop bringing down the quality of the wheat.                                                      

Global warming, climate change are the major issues that needs immediate attention the reason when natural disasters occur create great havoc, loss of life, property and economic losses. The need of time is to plant sapling to keep ecological balance intact in coming years. Plant one fruit sapling every year, nurse it and let it become a tree in coming years so that the shade of trees and fruits on the trees can provide food to the birds and insects.

Authored by:
Rajat Kumar Mohindru,
Jalandhar City.