International workshop on “chemistry and biology of complex glycans” an event under CRIKC


Chandigarh, September 20, 2019: Five days International GIAN workshop on the theme “Chemistry and Biology of Complex Glycans” kick started at Panjab University.
Prof.S.K.Mehta, Local GIAN Coordinator and Director, SAIF/CIL PU welcomed Prof.Kuberan (Kuby) Balagurunathan, Foreign faculty, University of Utah, USA and faculty and participants from various institutions. He also highlighted the major objectives of the GIAN program including details of previous 14 GIAN courses conducted by PU during Phase I and II. He also informed that MHRD has announced the commencement of GIAN Phase III. The faculty is invited to submitted proposals for consideration by Oct. 15, 2019 to be completed during 2020.
Dr.Deepak B. Salunke, Course Coordinator, gave brief overview of five day workshop and highlighted the importance of area of carbohydrates and glycans. Prof. Kuby, Guest Faculty from University of Utah, USA, elaborated the basics of Carbohydrate chemistry and the beauty of sequential synthesis of polysaccharides. He interactively explained importance of carbohydrates in everyday life and subsequently. He motivated the participants to excel in their field by exhaustively utilizing available facilities.

Friday, September 20, 2019