Internal survey suggests heavy rigging in DSGMC polls: Sarna


SADD president Paramjit Singh Sarna along with others at a press conference at New Delhi on Wednesday.

New Delhi, March 22, 2017: A secret SADD city-wide tour to study Sikh sentiments post-DSGMC elections suggests an overwhelming majority of the community remains stiffly opposed to the Badals and their representatives in the religious committee.
Teams of the SADD fanned across the capital discreetly to feel the pulse of the Sikhs once again after the results from the Feb 26 DSGMC polls delivered a shock pro-Badal verdict.
"We had serious doubts over the authenticity of the outcome. First, we revisited all our decisions -- from candidate selection to campaign. We found no shortcoming there," SADD president Paramjit Singh Sarna told a news conference here.
S. Sarna revealed he then deputed special teams to all the 46 wards to gather intelligence about the prevailing Sikh sentiments regarding the Badals and their control of the DSGMC.
"The teams met Sikhs from different walks of life without identifying themselves in order to collect an honest community-wise opinion. The findings based on casual, frank conversations confirmed our worst suspicions that the DSGMC elections could be heavily rigged," the SADD president disclosed.
Desecrations of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in Punjab, the bankruptcy of the DSGMC under Badal rule, the shutting down of iconic Sikh educational institutions and ideological compromises -- all these factors had deeply scarred the psyche of Delhi's Sikhs, S. Sarna said, citing inputs he received from his teams.
While Punjab booted the Badals out from secular power, the DSGMC results showed the Sikhs of Delhi embracing the father-son duo with open arms, a phenomenon that S. Sarna described as completely antithetical to ground realities.
Further, the directorate of gurdwara elections in Delhi chose not to respond to the SADD's letter regarding possible voting fraud in the DSGMC elections.
"Vote-buying aside, there was a massive fraud in the entire election process that could have been subverted to suit the interests of the highest and the mightiest in Delhi," S. Sarna observed.
He also referred to the unexpected surge of the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, home to a large population of Muslims and Dalits.
"There seems to be a pattern," noted S. Sarna. "If you talk about Sikhi in Delhi in a Sikh religious organization, it's ensured you don't get it. If you talk about minority and Dalit interests in UP, you lose the state. With this, you can't help but wonder whether our election system is being subverted to favour a single, dominant ideology," he remarked.
Unfazed by what appeared to be a crooked and manipulated DSGMC result, S. Sarna vowed to keep raising the Sikhi emblem high.
"Our Sikh spirit is invincible. And we are confident the castle of falsehoods will come crumbling down," he declared.

Thursday, March 23, 2017