India’s successful mission towards women empowerment

India’s successful mission towards women empowerment

The Women Reservation Bill was first introduced in the Parliament about 27 years back in the Lok Sabha with a proposal to amend the Constitution of India and provide one-third reservation to women in the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies. This Bill is to be a mission towards “Women’s Empowerment “in the political arena in the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies. At present the women throughout the country are working shoulder to shoulder with the males in every sector and sections of the society may be allied services or industrial hubs and are showing their presence on key posts. Women throughout the country have welcomed the clearance of this Bill in the both Houses of Parliament.

Earlier, it was the old parliament building which has been renamed as “Samvidhan Sadan “after the shifting of the Parliament session to the new building which is a new architectural designing of new India. The Indian parliamentarians had a group photo in front of the old building and now the work is in progress in the new parliament building. As the old parliament building was constructed during the days of the British Rule and India after achieving Independence have got constructed its own parliament building. This new building will certainly reflect on the concept of new India a dream of every Indian residing in India or Abroad. 

India – Canada Diplomatic relations have become sour due to many technical reasons. In the past Canada was known as an educational hub for the students to easily get Permanent Residency (P.R) and then Citizenship. Due to technical reasons the Indian Government at present has put a blanket ban on Visa to India to the Canadian Citizens who were to apply for the first time, as most of the Indians have taken Citizenship of various countries and for them it can be difficult in coming days to get Visa to travel to India from Canada. Similarly, Indian students can also face hardships in the coming days with refusals in a large number to tourists to go to Canada. 

All the leaders of various political parties will be trying to take the credit of passing Women Reservation Bill, but the Indian voters are having sharp mind to whom to vote. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has played a dynamic role in getting the Women Reservation Bill passed and the success of G20 Summit.

All the political parties in Punjab are gearing up for the coming parliament elections. Hopes of alliances cannot be ruled out in coming days, but one thing is clear that BJP in Punjab under the stewardship of Sunil Jakhar is leaving no stone unturned in motivating the cadre, the party is honoring its old senior leaders who were feeling ignored and boosting their sentiments. Congressmen in Punjab at present are in dilemma over the alliance in I.N.D.I.A. that how can be the seat sharing finalised. Similarly, AAP leaders are highlighting their policies and programmes where as S.A.D. (B) is finalising its strategy for the coming parliament elections. Will Punjab once again witness multi corner contest during the parliament elections? It is too early to say but speculations in politics of alliance are always open all the time. 

Authored by: 
Rajat Kumar Mohindru, 
Senior Journalist, 
Jalandhar City.