Indians say 'Yo' to IndiYo as India say `No’ to Tiktok 

IndiYo! A new platform for Indians to showcase their talent

Indians say 'Yo' to IndiYo as India say `No’ to Tiktok 
Dr. Nitin Rawat, a Physicist from USA .

Say "Yo' to 'IndiYO' as Tiktok has gone silent. Amidst slogans of 'Atamnirbharta', you now have an Indian platform for showcasing your talent. 

Homegrown short video apps are witnessing a collective surge in traction post the Indian government’s ban on TikTok. On a mission to give a fresh breeze to the avocation of Indians, who love to showcase their talent on online media platforms, Dr. Nitin Rawat, a Physicist from USA has come up with 'IndiYO'- Made in India, a short video sharing app, completely an indigenous ware to the core.  

The app gives your creativity, imagination and vision a better UI experience as compared to other new arrivals in this space. This is an endeavour of our team to save all those Tik-Tokers, who have got a hit on their livelihood after the ban imposed on Tik-Tok and other apps. 

We believe that IndiYo will prove to be a better platform for those budding and flourished talents, who, take to online video sharing for making money, besides entertaining people with their playful savory ideas. Each and every talent, in whatever field, is welcome on this platform to reach the heights of fame overnight. 

Congratulating 'IndiYO' on its initial success to woo the online performers, Ritz- who came through 2.5 Million followers on TikTok and Instagram says, “I have finally found the app to reach my audience in a delightful fashion. I feel, IndiYO is the right platform for the youthfulness of this country. 

The app is still in its conception stage and has attracted a large pool of Tik Tokers in the budding phase. The app is available on Android store and will soon be released for I-phone users.

Talking on the making of this new app, Nitin says, “TikTok was more geared towards an entertainment platform where it was taking all the precious time of the teenagers drifting them away from studies, whereas this app would not only soothe this thirst of the youngsters but also enrich their knowledge, as it caters to a large variety of educational information.”