Impact of drug abuse in society

Article by Harpreet Sandhu, Practicing Lawyer, Punjab & Haryana High Court

Impact of drug abuse in society

International days and weeks are occasions to educate the general public on issues of genuine concern. Today 26th June on being International Day against Drug Abuse, we need to promote the marked theme for year 2021 “Share Facts On Drugs, Save Lives” to achieve the goal for society free from drug abuse. As the future of every society is dependent on the quality and potential of its youth towards their respective work and role in society. Being a Criminal Lawyer, have dealt several cases related to drugs in courts, I feel that the drug abuse usually starts in the early teens, reaching a peak around twenties and finally it becomes routine habit. But today it’s shocking to witness the ongoing drug menace. Where are we heading for? The youth of our nation once considered being the role models for their staunch built and bravery around the globe, today being hooked to drugs which has already jeopardized their lives and future prospects. It’s rather unfortunate to witness the ongoing deaths due to drug overdose which has not only shaken the native of the kin’s but has endured huge resentment within the people across India and it seems the nexus of drug peddling has got its roots deepened into our soil which has weakened the morale, physique and character of our youth. The drug addicts are openly facing end towards life and if not controlled through a well defined strict measures, support of community is very essential for creating an anti-drug social environment        

Almost all of us are quite familiar that human race is bitterly facing the threat of drugs and we have witnessed several youth being victimized under the influence of drugs. In fact, the success or failure of any country is now determined by its planning to tackle this menace. Of particular importance is the detrimental effect of the spread of drug culture among the younger generation because the future of every society is dependent on the quality and potential of its youth towards their respective work and role in the society. Therefore, one cannot over-emphasize the need for preventing the drug abuse which can definitely nip the growing magnitude of this global problem in the bud. Drug peddlers generally befriend their victims before they offer drugs for the first time. Dealers recruit youngsters who, in course of a few years, become engaged in drug trafficking very effectively. Teens are lured by the easy money, wealth and the glamorous fast life of the drug kingpins escaping from the reality of school or college life, and the responsibility of their family as well as society at large. Although drug trafficking is controlled by adults outside educational institutions, the immediate source of drugs to most students is other students. Drug abuse frequently progresses in stages – from occasional to regular, then to multiple drug use, and ultimately to total dependency. With each successive stage, it intensifies, becomes more varied and results in increasingly debilitating effect. Psychological dependence not only erodes educational performance but can also destroy ties to family. The child goes from taking drugs to feel good, to taking them to keep from feeling bad. Overtime drug use itself heightens the bad feelings and can leave the user suicidal.

Behavioural disorder and parental disharmony are some of the current  common factors leading to drug abuse, besides overambitious adolescents having stress on their independence or even low academic aspiration and motivation or poor performance at school, frustration, depression and anxiety are to name a few. Also, drug use is intimately related to committing of crime and misconduct, both at school and college levels.         

The support of community is very essential is creating an anti-drug social environment. Society should be educated about the ill-effects of drug abuse through different social organizations, mass media, school health programmes and even through religious bodies. Consistent message that drug use is wrong, dangerous and would not be tolerated should be widely propagated and reinforced through strong disciplinary measure, Enforcing agencies may drastically reduce availability of illicit drugs and prevent distribution network, clinics may detoxify large number of addicts and educational institutions can guide their pupils how to get rid of this social evil

Today drugs have the potential to threaten the life of a nation as a whole, what to talk alone about our Punjab State, where the drugs have already jeopardized within the rural natives. As drug addiction is not only destroying the health of our youth but also depriving them of employment. This resourceful enemy is being witness since long taking away our youth from socially useful and productive work, disrupt academic network and shatter families and has thus given rise to drug related crimes, overburden the limited resource of social service agencies. So, the best way to fight drugs is to begin preventive efforts right from the teen age in order to not allow the ‘bud’ take the shape of an ugly and dangerously spreading evil.

It’s equally important for all of us to join hands to curb drug peddling, enabling to save the youth and just not play the blame game on each other, enabling to get rid of this social evil which may ruin their future to ashes.
Special Online Poster depicting International Slogan 2021 prepared by Author Harpreet Sandhu.