I am an international in Food but Desi in soul: Vicky Ratnani, Celebrity Chef and TV Host


Celebrity Chef & TV Host & Vicky Ratnani seen preparing Gongura Pasta, a special demonstration to media.

Hyderabad, June 5, 2019: There shouldn’t be a boundary for food eating. What it matters is eating right food at right time, nothing more, nothing less said Celebrity Chef and TV Host Vicky Ratnani and who had an opportunity to serve food to Nelson Mandela while serving on a ship.

The most celebrated Chef trained in western food Vicky Ratnani was in Hyderabad on an invitation from Shilpa Datla, Chairperson of YFLO.

Interacting with media prior to the Master Class scheduled for YFLO members at Feu - Dessert Bar, in Road No. 1, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad owned by Ms Shilpa Datla, Vicky Ratnani observed that Global pantry is a must in every kitchen

My food is an international but my soul is Desi, he said

This morning in a hotel where I stayed in Hyderabad, I fell in love with Karam Podi mixed with ghee, a special podi which is made by roasting the lentils. Though it was little bit spicy but with full of flavours. Wherever I travel I pickup local ingredients and mix up with the food that I prepare to give new twist and flavour, he shared. And added that there shouldn’t be boundaries to food.

I have been living in India for the past eleven years. I make pasta with my kind of spices. Indian food is very complex. Making rice is easy for us. It is in our DNA. It comes natural to us. But, that is not the case to westerners.

We make flat chapattis, but with the same ingredients westerners make pasta. Though cultures are different but there are lot of similarities. Basics as far as food is concerned are similar to every culture he added

Many international restaurants are influenced by Indian food. So also Indian restaurants, he observed.

I love Hyderabad, it’s cuisine, it’s people, their humbleness and talent. This place is well known for its own food and delicacies. It’s regional food like many other regions in India has gone out of region and even overseas, he stated.

Vicky demonstrated Gongura Pasta for the media. I love Gongura, he told the gathering.

Followed by the press conference, later in the afternoon, he addressed “A Master Class” to over 100 participants, both FLO and YFLO members who signed up for the program. The response for the maiden program for the YFLO was overwhelming.

Vicky taught his 100 plus participants three dishes a Salad, Cauliflower Rice and Handmade Pasta from scratch. These include: Paella of Cauliflower Rice Ancient Grain Pasta, Gongura Peanut Pesto, Zuchini ribbons and Burrata cheese

Feu Dessert Bar, with its overlooking view of KBR Park along the stretch of Jubilee Hills was the perfect setting for the celebrity chef cook-off event.

Interacting with media, Shilpa Datla, a proud founder of a French-inspired patisserie, Feu-Dessert Bar in Hyderabad, said Food is the most significant connector of the people across the Indian continent. Food is an integral part of our celebrations. Irrespective of backgrounds, food is something familiar to all of us.

Young FICCI Ladies Organisation (YFLO), as you know, Shilpa said is a unique platform for young women from diverse professional and entrepreneurial backgrounds to interact with each other, learn, explore new avenues and launch their ideas in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Shilpa, a young entrepreneur with a diversified work experience---Construction, Interiors and Desserts Bar said our first meeting of the year is around this subject. I wanted to revisit something that defines our most active sense- the sense of taste says she. The taste sense is very distinguished and most personal to use. Only when you share a meal together or eat, you give in completely and let your true personality emerge and many times we associate a smell with a happy memory. Which is why I felt for everyone to be on a similar plane before we dive into deeper topics, a master class with a renowned chef like Vicky Ratnani, would help them bond and also connect inwards. A good outer state always starts from the inside and this program of ‘Going Healthy Globally with Vicky Ratnani’ only asserts that.

Vicky Ratnani is a household name, and the name gets instant recognition across the nation as the host of an iconic show on NDTV. Vicky Ratnani was a Personal Chef to Mr. Nelson Mandela for a brief stint for three days while traveling on a ship. He is an author, a consultant. Vicky The Gastronaut, the web series is very popular and has well over 10 million views.

The Master Class was followed by hands down preparation of the same recipes by a couple of participants. Then Vicky took up Q & A.

The theme for YFLO for this year is “The New You”, shared Shilpa Datla, who is also Director of NCL Industries. In the coming year, we will take up activities to create more awareness and encourage more women to get onto Boards of various organizations.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019