Homes destroyed by floods to be rebuilt within two months: Goa CM

Homes destroyed by floods to be rebuilt within two months: Goa CM
Pramod Sawant.(photo:Instagram). Source: IANS

Panaji: Houses destroyed by heavy rains and floods in July will be rebuilt within two months, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant assured on Thursday.

The houses will be constructed collectively by the Goa government, along with the Rotary International, he said.

"The contractor who will design a Rs 4 lakh house will be finalised. Our efforts are to ensure that the house rebuilding will be completed in two months," Sawant said.

Out of the Rs 4 lakh, R. 2 lakh will be provided as part of government compensation and Rs 2 lakh would be contributed by the Rotary International.

Nearly 5,000 homes were damaged due to the floods, caused by heavy and sustained rainfall in mid-July, out of which 93 homes were completely damaged, Sawant said. The total loss estimated by the flooding has been estimated at Rs 500 crore.

Owners of completely damaged houses will get Rs 2 lakh compensation, while those of houses which have suffered major damage will get Rs 1 lakh. "Rs 50,000 will be given to home-owners whose homes have received minor damage due to floods," Sawant said.

"We have never seen our rivers this swollen. The last time this occurred was in 1982. I do not know if it was the wrath of God or of nature, we do not know," Sawant said, describing the floods.