Hemaa Sardesai and TV star Mishaal Raheja making India Proud as they collaborated for international project Power of Love


After being the only Indian Singer to win the "Grand Prix"(Gro Pri) in Germany competing with 21 countries, plus Singing live at the International Unicef Concert in Europe etc, today the versatile Indian Singer of more than 100 Bollywood songs, well-loved as 'The Awaara Bhavaren Girl', Hemaa Sardesai, goes International once again! This time along with the well-known Indian TV star, also known as 'Datta Bhau', Mishaal Raheja. Both are creating History itself, all thanks to none other than the World known American Music executive and independent Film Producer in Hollywood, Grammy Award winning publisher, Tony Mercedes.

Many well known singers from Bollywood etc have been working on making it big in Hollywood through the decades, but finally the chosen one in Hollywood is none other than, Hemaa Sardesai. Discovered by Tony Mercedes, she was happy to big heartedly share the stage with Mishaal Raheja, thus introducing him to this great American Music Mogul.

And So..for the first time in history, a well-known established American Music Executive in Hollywood has produced and invested in an American EP Album with Indian Singers, titled Stronger and Stronger.

Grammy Award Winner Jared Lee Gosselin, too has worked on this EP. The new American single "Power Of Love", is the debut single by Hemaa Sardesai featuring Mishaal Raheja, and is to be released at Manhattan, NEW YORK, USA on 11th December, 2017.

POWER OF LOVE is an extremely inspiring song, made based on Hemaa's sincere wish to make the world a depression-free, strongly positive place. It was recorded at none other than the famous 'Cycadelic' studio in Hollywood where Late Michael Jackson himself recorded his songs.

Tony Mercedes says -
"I really believe in and respect Hemaa. Not only for the magnificent singer that she is, but the great human being that she is as well. I have worked with many talented artist in my career, but none with a heart the size of Hemaa's. Hemaa's sincere concern to make the world a better place to live in for all is not only echoed in her music but in her life's journey as a fighter for justice and equality. A voice for those whom the powers to be have attempted to silence. So it is with pride that I accepted the challenge to finally complete this historical project with her.
Hemaa introduced Mishaal to me and I think other than his impressive talent, and I am happy he has a heart for the world. It was wonderful working with them both on this hit International EP, 'Stronger And Stronger', and I am proud of them."


International and National Achiever, is addressed by many in India as "One of the most respected lady celebrity stars of India". She is also the only Indian Singer to win the coveted Grand Prize (Grand Prix) at the International Pop Song Festival in Germany, representing India, and also is again the only Indian Singer to represent India at the International Unicef Concert in Europe.Tony Mercedes, other than being on the way to create history with Hemaa's new EP produced by him, has also prompted Hema to work with the likes of music legend Betty Wright in Miami, USA, some time ago.
Nicknamed in Germany as " 'The Indian Nightingale' and 'Audience Darling' who came sang and conquered", many times addressed by media and fans as "The bubbly and inspiring singer of hit songs", Hemaa Sardesai has successfully performed live in many countries across the globe. She is the only singer who has sung duets with five superstars including Amitabh Bachchan(Baghban) and Shahrukh Khan(Josh), with her more than 100 playback songs right from 'Awaara Bhavaren'(Sapnay) to 'Ishq Chandi Hai'(Biwi No.1), from 'Jaanam Samjha Karo' to 'Tere Sangh ek Simple Si Coffee'(Zameen), from 'Main Kudi Anjaani'(Zor), to 'Baadal Pe Paon Hai'(Chak De India) which is included in the top 5 most inspirational songs of Bollywood, and so on. She is also loved for her super hit albums like Hindustani Gudiya, Sufi Jannat, Piya Se Milke Aaye Nain etc.


Mishaal Raheja is a renowned Indian television actor who has won a million hearts amongst viewers both in India and across the global Indian diaspora. His work on television has also amassed a huge fan following in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.
His series ‘Laagi Tujhse Lagan” topped the viewership polls in South East Asia and he has just completed an extensive promotional visit to Indonesia on a special invitation by a leading television channel.
Within a year of repeated rounds of the industry, he was spotted by none other than prolific Film Maker and Producer Mr. Anurag Basu who gave Mishaal his first break with an MTV film.
With this first break Mishaal went on to do lots more work on Television and win awards. The characters he played in the daily soaps were a huge hit garnering much admiration and traction with the audience so much so that his screen name of 'Datta Bhau' was often what he was addressed with in his interaction with audience and people in general - a true recognition and endorsement for any Artiste .
He is now stepping into the world of music with a childlike energy, curiosity and passion.
After Hemaa Sardesai introduced Mishaal to Tony Mercedes, he not only got to share the stage with Hemaa in Hollywood but has also been offered a role in Tony's forth coming film venture in Hollywood.


Other than his many achievements in the film and music field, Grammy Award Winning Music Publisher Tony Mercedes is also one of the publishers of today's world-famous hit single 'Shape Of You' by Ed Sheeran.
Tony has sold over 25 million records in his lifetime. He has worked with world renowned artist such as Usher Raymond, Pink, Ceelo Green, TLC etc and produced and promoted other loved talented artist such as , Pressha, Duice, J.T. Money etc. Among many chartbusters, his grammy award winning song 'No Scrubs'(TLC), was hugely popular all over the world and Tony Mercedes hand delivered the biggest record in TLC history to LA Reid and Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds with a then unknown producer Kevin "Shekspere" Briggs. Ironically at the same time that TLC's No Scrubs was the number one pop and R&B record in the country, Tony Mercedes also had the number one rap record by J.T. Money titled "Who Dat" in the country in the same week in the billboard charts. LA Reid once quoted, "Tony Mercedes has golden ears."

Saturday, December 9, 2017