Health Care Conference ‘Hashcon-2016’ concluded at LPU


Director Hosmac from Mumbai Dr Vivek Desai sharing his views during concluding day of Health Care Conference ‘Hashcon-2016'at LPU today.

Jalandhar, April 30, 2016: Punjab’s largest two-day Health Care Conference ‘Hashcon-2016’ concluded at Lovely Professional University today by making participants pragmatic with innovative thoughts, cautious actions and world level ways forward. Organized in association with Indian Medical Association, the last day of the conference had three sessions moderated by CEO & Director, Global Healthcare Integrated Business Solutions (Chandigarh), Colonel Dr BP Singh; Associate Dean Dr Sorabh Lakhanpal from LPU; and, Director, d-wise Healthcare IT Solutions, Wing Commander Dr CK Babu (Bangalore). Col Singh briefed about hospital planning and stressed that these should be as per immediate needs of the patients with all facilities as in a smart hospital can be dreamt of. Dr Lakhanpal seconded the costly services provided by a medical practitioner as on his being an enterprising practitioner huge amount spent. So, to get ingenious services, a patient will certainly have to pay in accordance. Dr Babu laid stress on important role of IT and Technology in the healthcare systems as these two sectors are touching each and every life immensely in present. LPU Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal had declared the second day proceedings open.

In the first session, Director Hosmac (Mumbai) Dr Vivek Desai shared how to build hospitals for tomorrow; and, Medical Tourism Expert (Mumbai) Dr Prem Jgyasi told about different ways to be adopted for making India a hub of medical tourism. In the next session, Executive Director, Haryana State Health Resource Center, Dr Ashish Gupta informed how supply chain management in hospitals can reduce rising healthcare costs; and, Medical Director, Cygnus Hospital (Gurgaon) Dr Suchin Bajaj explained all about the enterprising journey of LPU to present status, shared successful stories about different start-ups and guided about entrepreneurship in healthcare. He also told about risks and benefits by entering the start up era in healthcare domain. Similarly, CEO, Active Doctors (Bangalore) Dr Satish Kumar and Co- Founder, Curofy (New Delhi) Mr Nipun Goyal explained that present era is an era of digital health.

Saturday, April 30, 2016