Glowing New Year After Stress Busting Holiday

Come December, and people start making plans for vacation to welcome New Year with a bang and let go of all the stress that kept piling up over the past months. But if after effects of vacation like tanning and dull looks bother you, then stop...

Glowing New Year After Stress Busting Holiday
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Come December, and people start making plans for vacation to welcome New Year with a bang and let go of all the stress that kept piling up over the past months. But if after effects of vacation like tanning and dull looks bother you, then stop worrying as cosmetic procedures can deal with those, writes Dr Ranjan Upadhyaya, Dermatologist, Desmoderm skin clinic, Delhi
December is the time to bust stress that started building up as the year progressed, exhausting all your energy. There are many who fall in the same league, feeling lethargic and low. The best way to deal with the stress and re-energize oneself is to take time out for a fun vacation, staying away from all the things that weighed you down.
The ideal time for the “stress beating” outing is exactly around Christmas when fun is in the air, and you are high on spirits to welcome the New Year. As work at all the corporate houses at this time is usually lean, employees look to pack their bags up and head to either an tranquil destination or to a place where fun quotient is high.
The much-needed break brings your lost energy back, filling up the reserves that you can use in the months to come by. But there is a flip side to your vacation! You are very much aware about it, and it bothers you even.
While you are excited for a trip you had been waiting for long, the thought of losing your glow owing to extreme sun exposure is heart wrenching for you. It is for Shirin Garg as well. Last year, when Shirin felt too much bogged down by her work, she planned a vacation with her friends when work pressure was minimal during Christmas and New Year .The trip turned out to be one of the best experiences of her life as she felt rejuvenated and revitalized. But this feeling was short lived. After heading home post vacation, the moment Shirin saw herself in the mirror, all her new energy dissipated.
Shirin despised her tanned skin and a face which looked so dull and drab sans her trademark glow. She found her look so horrifying that going again on a vacation seemed a far-fetched thought to her, given shedding her tanning and getting her glow had been such a tedious process.
There must be many who could relate with Shirin’s experience. But is locking yourself up indoors the way out to the problem? Certainly, not! The best way is to have fun to the hilt on your vacation, head home and then take up some cosmetic procedures which can bring you back your tan-free and glowy look. One can pick up any of the procedure depending upon their skin type to beat tanning and get the shiny glow back.
Chemical Peels: An exfoliating procedure, it helps remove the dull and lifeless skin. After two-three sittings, the lighter layer of the skin starts to appear. The procedure is very simple and requires a visit to your dermatologist for just 15-20 minutes. The number of sittings might vary, which are based on how much skin tanning you have. The procedure uses a chemical solution to exfoliate the top layer. Common peels used for complexion are glycolic peel, Vit C peel and Lactic peel. Post the completion of the procedure, there is no sign of tanning and the outcome is fresh, lively and glowing look on your face.
Skinboosters: Dermal fillers are the best alternative to get shiny and glowy skin. Restylane Vital is the perfect option to keep skin elastic and glowy. The modern day dermal filler -- Restylane Vital -- does the wonder in just some minutes and in a very simple way. And the best thing is that the effect does not last a few days. The glow and softness that come with the hydrophilic hyaluronic acid (that promotes water retention and absorption) stays for up to an year. When injected into the upper layers of the skin, Restylane Vital deeply hydrates and nourishes it. Hyaluronic acid gel is implanted into the outer layers of the skin using microinjections and it works naturally to hydrate the skin from within, making the skin soft and radiant.
Diamond polishing/Microdermabrasion: A perfect procedure to address multitudes of skin problems ranging from acne to uneven skin tone to patchiness and scar marks, diamond polishing is an ideal procedure to handle tanning issues. In the technique, skin is polished with diamonds fixed on tips that electronically move on the skin. This procedure, which helps remove dead skin layer and promote growth of new skin cells, can be performed on all skin types and gives remarkable results.
Lasers for skin lightening: Tanning and dull look can also be get rid of by using variety of lasers. Fractional laser, ND:YAG 1064 nm laser and Erbium Glass lasers give fantastic results when it comes to skin lightening. Lasers penetrate the skin and target the blood vessels below the outer layer. The blood vessels get destroyed due to the extreme heat. In the process the damaged tissues get destroyed and new skin cells are formed, giving way to radiant skin.
So, if you are planning a vacation to beat your stress and welcome new year with a bash, don’t stop. Just get started!
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014