Global scholars share Egyptian culture & impart ‘Life Skills’ to Hallmarkites


Young Scholars’ from abroad, participating in a ';Cultural Exchange and Life-skills project'; at Hallmark Public School, Panchkula. Scholars shared with students rich Egyptian culture, in which they dressed children as ';Pharaohs';. The International team also held a session called LEAD, Lead Engage Activate & Deliver.

Panchkula, September 9, 2014: Young Global scholars including those from Egypt are on a visit to Hallmark Public School, Panchkula. They are here on a project that will make students learn through different activities, ';Life Skills';, which will help pupils in getting sensitised to their importance at a young age. The International  team is from AIESEC and includes   Amaani and Rihaaj from Egypt, Nana from Japan, Viviane from Germany, Dani from Colombia and Elena from Italy. The ‘Life Skills Enhancement Cum Cultural Exchange Project’, which will be run for 2 months at Hallmark was formally launched today with a unique session on LEAD - Lead Engage Activate and Deliver, the initiative started with a rich dose of traditional Egyptian culture.
Amaani and Rihaaj from Egypt taught Egyptian tattoo art to the students and three students were embellished with such Tattoos. Said Amaani, “We also assisted four school children, to design and dress up as ‘Pharaohs’ in traditional costumes. The Egyptian costumes were fabricated from trash/waste material.” Added Rihaaj, “Papyrus papers – a unique paper made from reeds was shown to children and we also discussed the ancient Symbolic language of Egypt: Egyptian hieroglyphics.”
Said Kavita Wadhwa, Principal, “In over two months, Hallmark students will receive top quality Global exposure through multifarious activities and cultural exchanges. The idea at Hallmark is to make students aware about International best practices in education” Adds Mr. Jivtesh Garg, Director, “The project is sure to unleash the potential of children, thereby making them confident Globally ready citizens.”
The team from AIESEC practiced a ‘Catapult Activity’ to show students the importance of working in a team. Said Nana, “Students learn a lot from their peers. Different members of the team focused on their strengths & weaknesses to create an all-round best team, by ‘catapulting’ each others’ strengths, so that success of a project is achieved.” Said Viviane “The programme at the school will help students become future ready at a young age. It will bridge the gap between the Educational Institute and work-place.” Said Dani, “The interesting part about the lead session was that such activities were organised that required a lot of physical movements and also triggered the mind to think hard to crack the impending tasks.” Many colourful props like ping pong balls, balloons and other such materials to drive home the message of importance of ‘Life Skill training’, as part of the school educational curriculum.
Apart from cultural exchange, the skills discussed at today’s launch session were - innovation, hard work, team work, problem solving attitude etc.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014