'Freshmen Induction Programme-2012' at LPU greets thousands of new students


Jalandhar, August 3,2012: A fresh student, Sonam Phuntsho from Bhutan is having a gala time at Lovely Professional University Campus through largest entertaining and informative Freshmen Induction Programme-2012.

Presently, University is conducting this Induction programme to let new students like Sonam know more about LPU’s culture, University Resources, Important rules and regulations, prior to formal commencement of the first term of study programmes.

The  Induction programme is acting as the ice-breaking sessions for the fresh students; as through various programmes and games  new students are going to know each other as well as their seniors. Many of the other new students, like Nazima Ansari from Uttar Pradesh, Reddy Krishna Vamsi from Hyderabad, Kuruvila Thomas of Kerala, Takio Munu from Arunachal Pradesh, Gisa Muganuwa from Rawanda and others have also expressed happiness, as that of Sonam.

Induction programme is to continue up to 8th August, 2012; during which, different sessions will include details about university set-up, policies and procedures, University Management System (UMS), Placements, Security, Markets in Jalandhar etc. Continuous Cultural Shows, Movies, Presentations, Carnival, City & Campus Tours are also entertaining fresh students to let them away from nostalgia. In addition, Information containing booklets are also being provided for students’ immediately needed telephone numbers and other know-how about the University. Under this all, Fresh students from almost all the states and union territories of India and about 30 countries are mesmerized to see the sumptuousness of the Induction Programme.

Felicitating the new students to the LPU Community, the Chancellor of the University, Ashok Mittal said: "LPU welcomes all the fresh students under great anticipations and expectations for India to emerge as the next super-power through their learning and creations.   We have organized this Induction programme so that these students may step into the new phase of their lives with the University in a very befitting educational environment.  Induction programme is, indeed, going to let them aware of the facts about the University like who are their Head of the Departments; faculty Members; in which blocks they have to go for their classes or laboratories; what are the processes to be followed for their growth and how they have to get suitably adjusted to the university environ etc.” Mittal also informed that the last day of admissions at the university is August 20,

On this occasion the talented senior students of the University are also, daily, entertaining and motivating the fresh students, through their enchanting performances,  so as to inspire them to get settled in the University environment.