Freshers Party Held


New Delhi, December 11, 2017: The freshers party of the fashion institute is quite a fashionable affair. The senior students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology organized a grand freshers' party for their juniors who have joined this year.
The 300 budding students of Interior, Jewellery and Fashion Design arrived in style and were dressed with hats designed by them.
Mr and Miss Fresher were gifted by Asian Roots, one of the leading day spas in India.
The party began with Ms. Rupal Dalal, Executive Director of the institute addressing the students which was followed by a briefing on the key deliverables of the London Study Tour along with the significance of design education globally by Mr. Harsh Dalal, Director - Operations of the institute.
The programme was all about imagination and creativity with the stunning hats designed by the students of the institute. Inspite of the fact that freshers parties are meant for amusement and entertainment, it clearly demonstrated the dedication of the design students to their innovation with the signature hats crafted by them.
The party was a hit among the new students as they enjoyed introducing themselves, posing for pictures and performing various tasks given to them by the hosts. There was a grand dance party and the students tapped their feet on fast tracks of Bollywood songs.
Mr. Harsh Dalal, Director Operations, JD Institute of Fashion Technology said, “ Jediiians are anything but ordinary. As they always involve themselves in experimenting their passion in design. And that they never fear in risking because without risking they can never achieve the greatness that they own.”
During this occasion, Ms.Rupal Dalal, Executive Director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology said "The objective of such programme is to provide an opportunity to familiarization of new batch of students with the existing ones, wherein enthusiasm of display of various skills and talents are also witnessed. Moreover, cultural programmes enhance the spirit of unity amongst the students through good interactions. Such activities boost morale of all new students, who have joined the institution this year."

Monday, December 11, 2017