First Year Engineering Students at LPU underwent Robotic Experiences through ‘Tech-o-Vision’


Learnt Robotics by actually making robots

Jalandhar, September 1, 2012: Robotics and Intelligent System Community of Lovely Professional University (RISC-LPU) organised 2nd annual ‘TECH-O-VISION’ to guide University’s first year engineering students towards working with Robots.

This Fun Event was to learn robotics by actually making a robot. More than 600 students of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering put on tremendous competitive efforts. Students participated enthusiastically in interesting competitions like Robo-soccer, Mantle- Dismantle, Steady Hand, Tech-o- Freak and others.

During the competition of Robo-soccer, participants scored goals by operating the robots; in Mantle- Dismantle   competing student dismantled & assembled a bicycle in just 15 minutes; and, Steady Hand saw a ring followed through a wire with no touching. For these competitions, Ekant, Prem and Debapriya were declared winners for both Robo-Soccer and Steady Hands; Narendra, Deepesh, Vikas Raman for Mantle-Dismantle and Rahul, Kapil, Deepak for Techno Freak.

Congratulating the young winners, LPU Pro-Chancellor Rashmi Mittal informed: “We always want our students to get knowledge more in practical form than mere bookish.  To inculcate this feature of practical learning, we have not only re-designed curriculum but engaged senior students also to mentor young minds in identifying technical aspects practically. That is why Robotics Community at the University has been established to accommodate new students in ever progressive technical environment. Under this organization (RISC-LPU), seniors work with juniors to share their know-how so that the cycle of knowledge dissemination carries on.”

Mittal further said that RISC-LPU will continue working on various result oriented innovative projects, in future too. 

Two of the winners of the competitions, Debapriya and Deepesh said: “We are happy that we have participated and won the healthy competitions, learning more of technical skills in practical form.  We will keep robo-models used in competitions life-long with us as souvenirs. These models will make us remembering this great day of initial competition and practical-learning at LPU.  

Saturday, September 1, 2012