Fashion show organised in Chandigarh by CBITSS


Chandigarh, June 23, 2019: The fashion show was being organized in Chandigarh by CBITSS to give a strong message of Women Empowerment to the residents of city beautiful. The theme of the fashion show was to showcase women who hold power and have a tremendous balance between their personal and professional lives.

The Fashion show marked talented females from different industry verticals would walk the ramp in their professional attire, giving a strong message of woman empowerment to the society. This fashion show in Chandigarh was being organized to salute the work being done by women and to motivate others who want to stand on their own feet, just by pursuing scholarship based short corses at CBITSS and fulfil dreams of Self Reliant.

In the era of women's empowerment, educational institutions also promoting with their contribution; at the Alumni meet of CBITSS Institute North India's only recognized computer institute by Government of India announced scholarship worth Rs.1 crore for women . This announcement was made in IMA Building Sector 35. Worth mentioning the CBITSS institute provides education in the institute equipped with scholarship, Fashion, English, Designing, Dance, Digital Labs, Youtube Lab, with the aim of making home maker women self-reliant so that they may run part time careers. Navneet Sharma, MD of the institute said that women shouldn't restrict themselves to home and become self-sufficient by joining scholarship based short term courses like our short beauty, wellness, computer, dance, modeling, tube auditions etc.

Sunday, June 23, 2019