Eye problems are on rise with no regular checkups in Covid19 pandemic?

An insightful brief and recommendations on eye diseases and preventive care

Eye problems are on rise with no regular checkups in Covid19 pandemic?

Authored by: Dr. K.Ratan Kumar, MS (Ophthalmology), Senior, Cataract, Refractive & ICL surgeon, MaxiVision Super Specialty Eye Hospital, Madinaguda /Chandanagar, Hyderabad.

The human eye is a delicate organ. Eyes need constant and preventive care for them to operate at optimum levels. However, most people take eye care lightly. This should especially not be the case for the elderly. With the pandemic there have been scores of patients who prevented regular eye check-ups and delayed treatment for existing diseases which has resulted in a loss of eye health for them. Below are some eye diseases and their preventive care to follow for a healthy and happy pair of eyes especially during the pandemic times. 


Glaucoma can cause total blindness for the patient if not treated on time. A regular check-up is very essential for its prevention. The blindness resulting from glaucoma is irreversible. A key to curing Glaucoma is its early diagnosis and timely treatments. Tests like Applanation , Gonioscopy , Visual fields test , Retina and Optic disc checkup and Glaucoma OCT should be completed intermittently to contact the degree of disease advancement MaxiVision offers all these investigations with top-notch service and care. 

If you fit any category below you should get yourself checked for Glaucoma 

1. People above 40 years
2. Family history of glaucoma
3. History of Myopia or people experiencing frequent change of glass power
4. History of steroid use over a long time either locally to the eye or systemically
5. History of seeing Haloes 
6. Any history of injury or operation to the eyes
7. Systemic problems like diabetes, hypertension or thyroid problems
8. Any systemic or local cancer detected
Diabetic Eye disease 

The leading lifestyle disease of diabetes is another major cause of eye issues especially those related to the Retina. In case of any reported damage caused by diabetes tests like dilated fundus examination, retinal OCT, FFA and blood sugar status are required. Again, timely treatment is a must to avoid loss of vision. 

If you are an existing patient of Diabetes ensure a regular eye check-up for the following categories, 
1. History of diabetes for more than 5years /family history
2. If you are above 40 years of age
3. Children with diabetes
4. History of Hypertension and Diabetes.

Cataract progresses quite rapidly in the human eye. Hence, timely detection and cure are a must. Cataract patients have a tendency of developing problems related to lens like LIG (lens induced glaucoma) or Phaco-morphic glaucoma. These cause blindness if timely treatment is not delivered. Hence, at MaxiVision we had advised all patients to continue their timely check-ups and treatment, also surgeries if necessary pre, post and during the lockdowns. Luckily, modern cataract care ad surgeries are day procedures for which hospitalization is not required. And with premium IOLs and Laser assisted surgery, the visual recovery is fast. Early cataract surgery is the choice of the day. There is a myth associated with cataract even today that one must wait till the condition is mature to which is not accurate. Surgery is recommended with modern surgical techniques like laser assisted and IOLs early surgery. This is a preference we show at MaxiVision for cataract patients. 
Glass Power

A possible change in eye power is the most ignored eye issue. This problem pertains to all with an eye number, children and adults and senior citizens. A regular eye checkup to check for a change in the power of glasses should be done 6 months in children to once in a year at the least yearly in adults. If not done occasionally the children may cultivate a lazy eye with recurrent headaches, both in children or adults. 

IT Professionals

With modern day working conditions and the constant glare of screen light from laptops and mobile phone it is essential to take eye care more seriously, especially, for IT professionals. They need proper eye care as constant computer use can lead to dry eye, allergies and even headaches depending upon the sensitivity of their eyes. They need to take ophthalmologists advice periodically.
So, is the case with children and college students, These days due to the pandemic most of the schools and colleges are conducting online classes and children are also getting exposed to the computer or mobile screen for a prolonged period leading. At MaxiVision we are seeing an influx of young patients with dry eye problems, irritation, frequent rubbing of eyes leading to infections and in some a condition called Keratoconus which needs early detection. They also need a proper counseling and eye examination by an ophthalmologist. Senior citizens are more prone to dry eye problems and need proper care and treatment by an eye specialist faster than young people. 
Systemic problems

Many people are experiencing systemic problems which may affect the eyes also. These systemic issues include thyroid, eye disease, hypertension, systemic use of steroids and chloroquin, congenital problems from birth and cancer. All these complications need periodic eye inspection to thwart blindness.

Doctor Recommendations

Please be aware of all the facts mentioned above and take necessary steps to have an eye examination done on time. Staying positive and healthy, taking care of your eyes and your family and to live a quality life is essential for the human race.