EDITORIAL: Congress party under the presidentship of Rahul Gandhi is going to face tough challenges


Finally, Rahul Gandhi took over as the Congress president today. He addressed his party men in a determined manner. People who watched his speech, opined that he looked more matured, confidant and politically wise.
The 47-years-old Rahul Gandhi is the 87th president of the Congress party. He took over as the party president in the presence of his mother Sonia Gandhi who was seen with full of emotions and memories while she delivered her last address being the Congress president.
Rahul Gandhi used very selective words in his address. He even expressed his every word with complete confidence. He successfully conveyed a message to the party men and even to the country men that he is now ready to run the party affairs on his own shoulders. But, at the same time he did not forget to name his seniors such as former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh from whom he learnt a lot during his 13-years career as a politician.

Rahul started his speech in English then spoke in Hindi and then English. Political pundits feel that Rahul Gandhi might have been keeping in mind that his first address being the Congress president would be watched not only in India but across the world therefore he preferred to speak major part of his speech in English instead of Hindi. He must have tried to convey his own party lines to people across the world. Perhaps he has succeeded in his mission.
Rahul Gandhi was seen so confident that people those watching him on television were noticing his body language too. Even television anchors were expressing their opinion on the Rahul Gandhi's body language today. He was seen totally confidant. He was not looking as he had been looking in the past. Perhaps it was an impact of the presidential chair or his efforts to learn politics over the period.
In his first address after taking over as the Congress party president, he did not spare his political opponents. He used strong words against his political opponents. He also gave an impression that he is a progressive leader. That's why he said, "The Congress had taken the country to 21st century but our Prime Minister is taking us back." His comments categorically reflect that he is capable to lead with new zeal and mission, and with newer ideas and approach but not at the stake of nation and countrymen. He tried to give an impression that he and his party would firmly stand against those who would try to silence voice of people.
Rahul Gandhi has stated that he wanted the Congress party to become an instrument of dialogue for all Indians. It is good that Rahul Gandhi is wishes to do so but he and his party has to do a lot of hard work as everyone is aware of the fact that the Congress party has been losing its ground among the masses over the period. He and his other party leaders and workers have to work day and night to bring a change in the political scenario of the country.

As erosion of the party base is going on after every election and BJP is working hard to make India “Congress-free”, the Congress party under the presidentship of Rahul Gandhi is going to face tough challenges within and outside the party in the future. Rahul Gandhi has to show his real worth and capabilities to people to win their hearts in the future otherwise repeated failures on the political battleground will pave only big political hurdles instead of paving a red carpet for power.

Saturday, December 16, 2017