DSC celebrates 25 years of academic excellence with  Virtual Convocation 2020 

The ceremony commenced with Rupanjali Lahiri, Associate Director‘s warm welcome greetings

DSC celebrates 25 years of academic excellence with  Virtual Convocation 2020 

New Delhi: The Delhi School of Communication hosted its Annual Convocation 2020 on 5th September, celebrating Teacher’s Day and the institute’s completion of a silver jubilee. The chief guest was Mr. Deep Singh, Partner Strategy, Mindshare North & East, and Mr. Anuj Sethi, President, Phonetime Inc graced the occasion, as Guest of Honour. The esteemed guests, along with Dean Prof. Ramola Kumar and Mr. Manik Katyal, Academic Advisor, formally announced the completion of the course for Batch 24 and awarded medals to deserving students and wished them good luck for a great career ahead. 

DSC students continued the tradition of obtaining placements in premier Advertising, PR and media agencies such as Zenith Optimedia, Group M, The Glitch, YAAP, MSL, Omnicom, Foxymoron and so on.

The ceremony commenced with Rupanjali Lahiri, Associate Director‘s warm welcome greetings which highlighted the fact that it is a formal culmination of DSC’s silver jubilee year. This was followed by Mr. Deep Singh’s convocation address - ‘‘To the graduating students, this is an important time in our nation’s history. This is a time to communicate with responsibility and the need to unite our communities around a common mission has never been more pressing! There is no industry that has not been impacted by technology today and in the next few years we will see how technology will transform the lives of millions.

The tools have become more sophisticated both in scale and depth’’.  He added that the need to have authentic
communication has also grown. “A degree from this school will hold you in good stead,” he exclaimed, congratulating the DSC students, with an important tip - “never forget those who shaped your thoughts and the wisdom you carry”.   

Mr. Anuj Sethi motivated the students saying that as they enter the professional world, “get ready to live your dream”. Recalling the good old days spent at DSC 22 years ago, he said it gave him “not only education, but the confidence to have a fairytale story”. He suggested that it has to be a realistic dream and you have to dream BIG! His recommendation was that everyone has to do a SWOT analysis (and everyone is different) for it’s very important to know who you are and what you are capable of. “This is your springboard to launch you into the industry and the learning never stops,” he said and sounded a word of caution – “You will have failures in life, but our goal is that we learn from those failures.” Enjoy small victories; the ‘Big’ moments will come!

Because of the unprecedented situation, it was a virtual ceremony, when the students had been duly provided with the certificates of PGDPC XXIV programme, and it was time to bid them a virtual adieu too. DSC’s PGDPC is a two-year course in which students are given a formal education and professional training in all fields of mass communication - Digital Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Film Marketing, Entertainment, Branding, Marker Research, Event Management and so on. 
As students’ academic journey at DSC came to an end, meritorious graduating students were honored with various awards and medals, regarding their attainment of excellence. 

The occasion also saw several other awards for subjects such as Public Relations, Cultural Studies, Advertising & Sales Promotion, Brand Architect to name a few. The prestigious gold, silver and bronze medals were given to Ms. Pallabi Talukdar, Ms Sejal Babbar, and Ms. Arushi Chhabra respectively, whereas Ms. Sejal Babbar bagged the Surojit Lahiri Memorial Award for Holistic Excellence, DSC’s highest award. 

Prof. Ramola Kumar, Dean at DSC, commented, “A 25-year journey speaks of many exacting trials and tribulations, extraordinary challenges. One needs to have enormous patience, the ability to continuously learn - unlearn - relearn and keep pace with changes, inclusive and exclusive of the track being travelled upon. It has been an exciting rendezvous with students, colleagues and dear friends who helped to hold the forum and forge ahead. My sincerest gratitude to everyone for being there always”. She further added - “Building Young India is a driving force in itself and will move ahead Always...”