Dr Vibha 1st runner up United Nations Pageant 2019 held at LPU

Dr Vibha 1st runner up United Nations Pageant 2019

Dr Vibha has become 1st runner up United Nations Pageant 2019 held at Lovely Professional University (LPU).

She says that she has no word to show her gratitude towards society. She praised level of rigorous training contestants experienced for last ten days during pageant. She said real beauty lies in brain and not physique, one must earn success with hard work and inner beauty and confidence.

Dr Vibha is also winner of North India Queen 2018 and is curator of biggest weight looser contest too. Asked about her life ambitions she said she wanted to aware people about importance of mental health with their physical health. She said she tries to spread peace and love.

She is also engaged in volunteer / charity work by promoting rural education; learning new methods of diabetes management in singapore; promoting menstrual hygiene management in poverty stricken uneducated girls and women; water bowl projects & droplets of kindness; creating awareness about leprosy and breaking the taboo that it’s spread by touching; spending quality time with intellectual disabled children and adults; clean hands save life; awareness about yoga & health. She told that she stood in support of third gender equality.

To a question, she told that this pageant was a great platform for women to come forward and showcase their talents. “It's give me opportunity to represent my country at international level through this pageant”, she said, adding, “It also gives me new identity through which my dream to carve niche, spreading peace & happiness in the world will come true.”

She said, “There are many things which make me a proud to be an Indian. First & foremost thing I like its unity in diversity. It's flavoured culture & environment, various festivals.”

Her favourite food is South Indian Food.

Sunday, November 10, 2019