DR SIDHU’S women empowerment agenda catches commonwealth parliamentarians’ attention


Punjab Chief Parliamentary Secretary and Amritsar (East) MLA from BJP, Dr Navjot Kaur Sidhu.

New Delhi, March 10, 2013: Punjab Chief Parliamentary Secretary and Amritsar (East) MLA from BJP, Dr Navjot Kaur Sidhu emerged as a centripetal  force at Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians India Region two-day Seminar, by suggesting revolutionary, but, pragmatic formulas for woman empowerment in the country.

The March 8 and 9 seminar held under the aegis of Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar, was seen to be picking most of the suggestions made by Dr Sidhu to recommend them across to the central government for brining a paradigm change towards women in the country.

In her address Dr Sidhu raised the demand of 50 per cent reservation for women across the board right from government formation and fabrics of each political party up to each government (centre and state) department including provincial police forces. Portraying recent Punjab assembly poll example wherein 102 out of 985 male candidates and 15 females out of 94 contesting candidates, had emerged victorious Dr Sidhu said that women were more in demand than their male counterparts in politics.

Ridiculing India’s male chauvinism Dr Sidhu questioned that why women were not considered competent to handle sensitive and important portfolios like Defence, Home Affairs and Finance in the Ministries? Furthering the argument Dr Sidhu asked why there was no regular provision of gender budget in all the states? “It should be mandatory that only women cops handle the cases of rape, molestation and women exploitation and same yardsticks are adopted in putting such cases through legal process,” Dr Sidhu said adding that a national level women’s social body should be framed to pursue women’s rape, molestation and exploitation cases till their logical end.

A Gynecologist-turned-politician Dr Sidhu proposed to engage decoys to curb the cases of female-foeticide by resorting to sting operations. She also demanded to replace the existing censor board with ‘one with eyes and ears open and conscious alive’ to stop women being portrayed as cheap commodity. “What do you expect from men with devil mind if you produce an item song in each Hindi film with half naked heroine dancing to just entice men? And what you expect from society if you see all city roadside buildings flooded with obscene movies posters and writers and singers producing cheap and obscene songs? If you can stop all this non-sense than arrange separate schools, colleges, playgrounds, public parks, buses, trains, air flights etc for women where they feel secure,” she maintained.  

Demanding mandatory provision of education for girls, she proposed punishment for parents who stop their girl child from getting education. She also demanded women rehabilitation centres for women victims of dowry, sexual exploitation, broken relations and those convicted in some crime.

Giving the example of her pet project ‘Himmat’ through which she prepares her constituency women to fight against male-atrocities, Dr Sidhu proposed instant reporting system of any sort of women exploitation case through phone call or SMS to women police officers, women-politicians and social activists. She also demanded compulsory one-hour teaching of social sciences/values in each school across the country.

Sunday, March 10, 2013