Digitalization holds key for holistic growth 

Aver experts during 3rd Technical Conference “Infiniti – 2020” organized by Amity University  

Digitalization holds key for holistic growth 
Shri Abhishek Singh addressing 3r Techniological Conference INFINITY 2020 at Amity Business School.

Third online technical conference ‘Infiniti-2020’ on the theme ‘Digitally Transformed World: New Challenges and Strategies’ was organized by Amity Business School, Amity University. The conference was inaugurated by Mr. Abhishek Singh, Chairman & CEO, National e-Governance Division; Mr. Karv Modi, Executive Vice President & CFO, Digital Industries, Siemens Ltd. and Dr. Mamata Agarwal, Additional Secretary, Association of Indian Universities. The august panelist aimed to provide information to students and teachers about the challenges being faced by the digitally changing world.   
Dr. Balwinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, Amity University welcomed the guests and asserted that the conference is being organized to address the challenges faced by the development of business and education sector from the ongoing digital transformation. She added that while the epidemic affected many areas, new opportunities also arose. She stated in the last five months, the behaviour of the company and the customers have changed, importance of technology has increased, and Amity is preparing the students as per the expectations and requirements of the industry.  
Addressing the students and teachers, Mr. Abhishek Singh said that the uncertainty of COVID-19 has opened new doors as we have adopted online teaching, providing online education to the small schools in the country. He added that not only the business models are shifting but the mode of distribution and production is also changing. Everything is getting digitally available which has increased larger participation of people. He averred that advent of digital technology has made it possible to disseminate information about government rules and information in simple language to people. Communication is being made more accessible and visible using photographs, videos and local language. He shared the example of Arogya Sethu app that is helping people to stay alert and safe from COVID-19. He stated that digital medium has promoted change in many areas and artificial intelligence is playing a big role.   

Addressing the students, Mr. Karv Modi, Executive Vice President and CFO Digital Industries, Symens Ltd., said that with the epidemic, there has been development in the field of human capital and digital capital. Mr Modi said that whether it is the area of production or the success of banking, it is necessary to have a full digitalization approach. He suggested students to be aware of the business model that is being converted to develop in business and stressed on gearing up and start preparations for the digital future.  
Dr. Mamata Agarwal said that technology is an important and powerful tool and the device can bring about a change if it is in the hands of a teacher. The rapidly growing digital development has developed cooperation, direction of multi-way development and new pedagogy. Dr. Agarwal said that today students are becoming creative producers of knowledge and the digital medium has provided new opportunities to health, society and the economy. She also informed about the Swayamprabha DTH channel and stated the need for teachers to be digitally updated.  

Dr. Sanjeev Bansal, Dean, Faculty of Management Studies said that at present the world is digitally changing and new challenges are arising. He shared that the conference has been organized to provide information to the students in the face of challenges and the strategies being adopted.  

Experts shared their views on digital transformation in trade and education, digital transformation in retail and supply chain and digital transformation in health care and guest services industry.