Designer Vrushali Satre to debut at India Fashion Week London ’17 with her new collection “Delilah”


Designer Vrushali Satre.

Mumbai: Designer Vrushali Satre, known for her unique style and ability to up-scale ordinary fabric into elegant attire, is debuting at the India Fashion Week, London with her collection “Delilah” on 11th November.

“I am excited to showcase my new collection Delilah at the India Fashion Week London. The collection merges the Indian traditional wear and craftsmanship with contemporary flair. It will redefine the way women style themselves”, said Designer Vrushali Satre.

Vrushali Satre’s new collection “Delilah” dives into an era of regal nuances with strong shades that play a clever juxtaposition of ethereal fabric and strong silhouettes. Every tastefully tailored piece holds something new, be it an embellished bodice or dramatic volume. Set in a pallet of fall colors, the collection is a mix of glitzy jackets, capes, drapes, long traditional skirts, and mellow ethnic attire. “Delilah” is made up of wearable separate that are conservative without being conformist and are ideal for black tie occasions. The collection stands out among Vrushali’s former lines for being more experimentative and for the earthy colour combinations used. The designs share one thing in common - clean cuts and simple designs with thoughtful use of embroidery.

Vrushali started her label with the same name in 2014 and not long after she launched her designer store “House of woya” at Nariman Point, Mumbai. Her collection is also available at the Pernia’s Pop Up shop. Vrushali Satre is gaining popularity for being detail driven, simple and refined with clean aesthetics. The brand suggests a soft style with energy that resonates with her clientele.

Friday, November 10, 2017