DC issued orders for delimitation of municipal corporation, municipal councils and nagar panchayats of Kangra district

The elections for the municipalities and panchayats are expected near the fag end of this year

DC issued orders for delimitation of municipal corporation, municipal councils and nagar panchayats of Kangra district

Dharamshala: Deputy Commissioner Kangra Rakesh Kumar Prajapati said that according to the schedule of the State Election Commission, the orders for reservation and delimitation of wards of Municipal Corporation Dharamshala, Nagar Parishads of  Dehra, Jwalamukhi, Palampur, Nurpur, Nagrota Bagwan, Kangra and Nagar Panchayats of  Jawali, Baijnath- Paprola have been issued on Friday. The Deputy Commissioner said that a notice in this regard was issued on July 6, 2020 under Rule 6 (1) of Himachal Pradesh Municipal Election Rules, 2015 to invite objections and suggestions regarding delimitation of municipal wards.

Prajapati said, “Ten days were given to submit objections and suggestions in this regard. no objections or suggestions have been received during this time period. Therefore, orders have been issued for final delimitation of wards as per the provision laid down in Rule 9 of Himachal Pradesh Municipal Election Rules, 2015.”

He said that after the delimitation order, the list of wards in Dharamshala Corporation will remain like this. Ward Number-1 Farsetganj, Ward Number-2 Bhagsunag, Ward Number-3 McLeodganj, Ward Number-4 Kashmir House, Ward Number-5 Khajanchi  Mohalla, Ward Number-6 Kotwali Bazar, Ward Number-7 Secretariat, Ward Number-8 Sports. Premises, Ward Number-9 Sakoh, Ward Number-10 Shyam Nagar, Ward Number-11 Ram Nagar, Ward Number-12 Badol, Ward Number-13 Dari, Ward Number-14 Kand, Ward Number-15 Khaniara, Ward Number-16 Sidhpur and ward number-17 Siddhabadi.
The list of the Different Municipal Councils  and Nagar Panchayats have been declared as under :-
Dehra Municipal Council - Ward number-1 Rajgarh, ward number-2 Arampuri, ward number-3 Hanuman temple, ward number-4 Gayatri temple, ward number-5 Dandeya da Peepal, ward number-6 Shiva temple and ward number-7 Kanjupir.
Jwalamukhi Municipal Council - Ward No-1 Devi Talab, Ward Number-2 Arjun Naga, Ward Number-3 Maliwada Mohalla, Ward Number-4 Geeta Bhawan, Ward Number-5 Ganesh Colony, Ward Number-6 Ashtabhuja and Ward Number-7 Indira Colony.
Palampur Municipal Council - Ward Number-1 Janglat, Ward Number-2 Vidyarthiyan, Ward Number-3 Arya Samaj, Ward Number-4 Hospital Area, Ward Number-5 Gandhi Park, Ward Number-6 Sarovar Lane and Ward Number-7 Industrial Area.
Nurpur Municipal Council -Ward No-1 Chaugan, Ward No-2 Appar Chaugan, Ward No-3 Jharoli, Ward No-4 Rampuri, Ward No-5 Golu Athian, Ward No-6 Kakrola Mandi Atar Singh, Ward No-7 Niajpur Jasalta, ward number-8 BTC and ward number-9 Niazpur West.

Nagrota Bagwan Municipal Council- Ward Number-1 Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Ward Number-2 Diwan Bagh, Ward Number-3 Narada Sharda Temple, Ward Number-4 Railway Station, Ward Number-5 Hospital, Ward Number-6 Sarotri and Ward Number-7 Radha Krishna Temple.

Kangra Municipal Council - Ward Number-1 Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Library, Ward Number-2, Labheshwar Mahadev, Ward Number-3 Ujadi Mahadev, Ward Number-4 Gupta Ganga, Ward Number-5 Mission, Ward Number-6 Shakti Gali, Ward Number- 7 Bajreshwari Mata Mandir, Ward Number-8 Arya Samaj and Ward Number-9 Tehsil.
Nagar Panchayat Jawali - Ward Number-1 Bhanei, Ward Number-2 Makrahan, Ward Number-3 Labh, Ward Number-4 Keharians (1), Ward Number-5 Keharians (2), Ward Number-6 Jawali (1), Ward Number-7 Jwali (2) , Ward number-8 Jwali (3) and ward number-9 Dhan.
Panchayat Baijnath-Paprola - Ward Number-1 Town Baijnath, Ward Number-2 Baijnath (1), Ward Number-3 Baijnath (2), Ward Number-4 Girtholi, Ward Number-5 Patehad, Ward Number-6 Ustehad, Ward Number -7 Town Paprola (1), Ward Number-8 Town Paprola (2), Ward Number-9 Kothi, Ward Number-10 Paprola and Ward Number-11 Paprola Khas.
The elections  for the municipalities and panchayats are expected near the fag end of this year.