Dayanand Medical College & Hospital observes ‘World Diabetes Day’


Ludhiana, November 14, 2017: Dayanand Medical College & Hospital today observed ‘World Diabetes Day’ by organizing a poster competition and conducting of role play by the students of College of Nursing.
The function was graced by the Vice-President of DMCH Managing Society-Sh Sudarshan Sharma and Secretary of DMCH Managing Society-Sh Prem Kumar Gupta along with Dean Academics Dr Rajoo Singh Chhina, Medical Superintendent, Dr Ashwani Chadhary and Professor & Head of Endocrinology- Dr Parminder Singh and others including Nursing Superintendent Meenakshi Pereira and staff from the Department of Dietics.
In various posters displayed in newly-renovated Medical OPD Block of the hospital, the students informed the faculty and dignitaries about the contents of their respective posters.
A lecture was held by Dr Parminder Singh, in which he told the people that Diabetes is no longer a social taboo with the society and people should come forward to get themselves checked up by a qualified doctor, if the feel any symptoms pertaining to diabetes. Even children these days are prone to have diabetes because of their sedentary lifestyle and other changes in their life style. He advised the people to exercise regularly so that one remains healthy and fit.
Followed the lecture by Dr Parminder Singh, two role plays were also conducted by the students of College of Nursing, which was widely appreciated by those present in the audience.
In another lecture held at Punjab Agriculture University, Dean Academics Dr Rajoo Singh Chhina and Endocrinologist Dr Naveen Mittal also informed the gathering of student about various ill-effects of diabetes disease and preventive measure to control diabetes, which is considered as biggest epidemics of 21st century.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017