Darshan Gujjar mischievously claims on his new show Pushpa Impossible on Sony SAB

Says, ‘I wouldn't say I always stick to the rules…’

Darshan Gujjar mischievously claims on his new show Pushpa Impossible on Sony SAB
Darshan Gujjar as Chirag in Sony SAB's Pushpa Impossible.

•    How does it feel to be associated with Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible?

•    I would describe it as ‘Beautiful’. I have worked with Sony SAB for the past ten years. I started my acting journey with Sony SAB’s Papad Pol where I played the role of a kid and continued to play other roles in their shows before I debuted in movies. It feels like Home Sweet Home as I join them for Pushpa Impossible, I am very excited to be back. 

•    What intrigued you about the show? 

•    The show has a very flavourful palate, there are multiple elements and personalities. I found this very interesting. One thing that stuck with me was that in one of the promos it says ‘’ Baccho ko anchal mein chupale yeh woh Maa….” you immediately think- Yes, that is the kind of mother she must be, but we hear “yeh woh Maa… nahi hai”. This idea is very interesting and I can only say that the audience should hold on tight, because there is a lot to unfold. 

•    Share something about your character. How do you relate to it? 

•    I think my character and I are very similar if I compare fiction to real life. I believe in zodiac signs and I like that me and my character have the same zodiac sign. Another delightful coincidence I got to know when I was doing the mock shoot is that the show is based in Patan, it's where I come from too. 

•    How did you prepare for the role? 

•    Naveen and I prepared for the role together, we gave multiple auditions and worked on our skills. The dilemma is that the character I am playing currently is very free willed and reckless and the character I was playing before this show was very serious and uptight, so the transition has been difficult but now I have gotten a hang of it. Naveen and I also share a very close relationship, so we rehearse together and give each other feedback to perfect our roles.

•    How is Pushpa Impossible going to be different from all the previous mother-centric TV serials in India?

•    I would describe Pushpa as ‘different’ and ‘impossible’. I love how the whole concept of Pushpa is of a strong mother, she is not like the conventional mothers that shown in the cinema or on television but a strong willed and self-dependent woman who protects herself and her family. 

•    Since this show's main character is a woman. Do you recall a feminine figure who has inspired you?

•    My Mother. She has been my inspiration, guide and biggest supporter right from childhood. She helps me practice and rehearse my dialogues , gives me acting tips and candid feedback and helps me understand the essence of the character I am playing. I always look forward to her feedback to improve myself and her lessons in ‘Set- etiquette’. She inspires me everyday 

•    Have you ever had a tough situation with your parents that you didn't get as a child but understand now that you are an adult? 

•    Yes, multiple things come to my mind. As a child, I have had a lot of arguments and fights with my parents but as I matured, I started to understand where my parents came from. I have realized that those decisions then have helped me grow and become who I am today. I feel my mother and Pushpa are very similar. Wherever she disapproves of my actions, she is very vocal about it. I was a very notorious child and often got scolded by my Dad. It's only now that I understand the ‘Why’ and the love behind it all.  

•    Chirag is mischievous and always finds himself in trouble. Do you also recall a time when you put yourself in trouble in real life? 

•    No not really, I wouldn't say I always stick to the rules, I did bunk classes and was mischievous in school but I always found a clever way around it and never got caught. 

•    One message you would like to give to the audience waiting for Pushpa Impossible?

•    Hold onto your seats with bated breath because she is coming, be prepared. I think our audience will really like the show and the concept behind it too. Thank you for always supporting my work.