Dalai Lama releases documentary on life of Virbhadra Singh


His Holiness Dalai Lama, the spiritual Tibetan leader, on Monday releases a documentary-‘Icon of the Era’ on the life and times of Himachal Pradesh, Chief Minister  Virbhadra Singh in TCV at Upper Dharamshala.  

Dharamshala, June 22, 2015: His Holiness Dalai Lama, the spiritual Tibetan leader, released a documentary-‘Icon of the Era’ on the life and times of Himachal, Chief Minister  Virbhadra Singh in the auditorium of Tibetan Children Village (TCV) at Upper Dharamshala.  The documentary is produced and directed by Dr. Suneela Sharma in collaboration with Snow Leopard Productions. The film is based on one of the ancient dynasty of the country, ‘The Bushahr Dynasty’ now in Himachal.
The film which was screened at the Tibetan Children Village unfolding the life of Chief Minister.
Before getting the film released Dr. Sunela Sharma honoured Dalai Lama and Virbhadra Singh and his family members by presenting shawl and memento.
Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister referred Dalai Lama as a messenger of peace and his presence had always been a matter of pride for the people of the State and country as well. His humbleness and concern for the poor and the downtrodden was to be much appreciated and applauded.
“We look forward for his patronage, his guidance and his love which he has showered not only on me but to all the people of the state”, said Shri Virbhadra Singh.
He said that Dalai Lama has always stressed the importance of compassion as the source of happy life and perhaps knew well that staying happy in politics was difficult, he (the Dalai Lama), dedicated his life for the service of the poor and became harbinger of peace and harmony to live a happy life.
“My affinity to him is bounded by geographical terrain too due to contiguity of the then Bushahr State with Tibet and now I wish to extend this affinity to spiritual domain too”, said the Chief Minister.
He said that Himachal was a small State but during the last few decades, it had become the most progressive hill state of the country by achieving many milestones of development in health, education, social welfare and other sectors as well. This had been possible with the co-operation of people of the State as they were ready to experiment any new thoughts and ideas, said the Chief Minister.
Dalai Lama while addressing the august gathering, referred Virbhadra Singh as his Chief Minister. He said that it was an honour for him to release the film on life and time of  Virbhadra Singh. “ I extend my sincere feelings with  Virbhadra Singh and  express my admiration to all present” said his holiness.
“ Virbhadra Singh because of his popularity, honesty,  truthfulness and transparency and love for people became the Chief Minister of the State for the sixth time. “said dalai lama . He also made reference to the bonds between Bushahr and Tibet, which had strengthened and solidified with passing of eras.
“Although, now I am over 80 years, I can say his (Virbhadra Singh’s ) life was a successful life, having done good Karma and I am sure his future life would be meaningful and peaceful” said His Holiness.
Referring Shri Virbhadra Singh as a friend, Dalai Lama wished that rest of his  life may be meaningful.  He said India was a great  democratic and civilised Nation and from the times of Indus Valley civilisation,  India had been a home for Buddhists masters and monks,  great Indian thinkers  and philanthropists, philosophers and saints whose concepts were very relevant and were very meaningful even today and need to be passed on to the future society. . Many of the scientists were really showing genuine interest in the studying the Indian thoughts, its ideology and knowledge, said Dalai Lama.
Ancient Indian knowledge, modern education and knowledge had a very very strong combination,  he said. There were people in this largest democratic country who live under agony, fear, aggression  because of lack of knowledge, particularly our ancient knowledge  and concepts remarked Dalai Lama. He stressed for revival of traditional Indian knowledge, to instil in todays generation the importance and concept of ancient knowledge.
Former Member of Parliament and wife of Chief Minister, Smt. Pratibha Singh,  his son and President HP State Youth Congress  Shri Vikramaditya Singh, his daughter Meenakshi were also present along-with.
Speaker, Tibetan Parliament Ms. Garry Dolma and other Ministers of Tibetan government in exile were present on the occasion
Dr. Suneela Sharma thanked Dalai Lama and Chief Minister and said that the film was on the living Legend, Shri Virbhadra Singh adding that it was based on one of the oldest dynasty of the world.
Earlier Chief Minister also honoured Dalai Lama and Prime Minister of Tibetan Government in Exile, Dr. Lobsang  Sangay,
Irrigation and Public Health Minister Smt Vidya Stokes, Transport Minister  Shri G.S. Bali, Agriculture and MPP Minister  Shri Sujan Singh Pathania,    Forest Minister Shri Thakur Singh Bharmouri, Urban Development Minister Shri Sudhir Sharma,  Excise and Taxation Minister Shri Prakash Chaudhary
were present on the occasion amongst hundreds of followers of Dalai Lama.
Monday, June 22, 2015