CT University develops disinfection pod

The pod dispenses fine mist of natural sanitizer

CT University develops disinfection pod
CT University MD Manbir Singh, VC Dr. Harsh Sadawarti along with faculty of RICE.

Ludhiana: CT University, under the flagship of Research and Innovation Centre for Excellence (RICE) has developed a disinfection pod. The ‘new normal’ has brought in the usage of sanitisation products on regular intervals and since CTU being the hub of research and innovation has been quite active in the fight against Covid-19 by using various in-house research products.

The pod dispenses fine mist of natural sanitizer, over the complete body of person passing through the pod. It is battery operated and powered by a 50 GPD booster pump that is activated by an industrial photo electric sensor and spray fine mist through six 0.3 mm ceramic anti drip mist nozzeles. This sanitizer solution used in this pod is extracted from natural organic substances like neem. So, if the vapours of sanitizer mistakenly inhaled by breathe, it so not cause any harm.

Discussing further, Jaspreet Singh, R & D Engineer said, “The research department in collaboration with School of Pharmacy is also developing natural sanitizers to be used in this pod. Meanwhile, the sanitizer used is made from organic products and is according to an average human sized body, so it can disinfect the complete human being.”

This project is the team efforts by faculty and CT Innovators and while congratulating them Dr Harsh Sadawarti said, “Innovation when combined with Education can prove to be an asset for any society. Everyday research by young minds is making them future ready.”