Covid-19 Test without getting down from car

Tenet Diagnostics launched a Drive-through RT-PCR Covid-19 and Covid related blood tests Facility at Hitex, Madhapur

Covid-19 Test without getting down from car
Seen the Drive-Trough Covid-19 Testing Facility Setup by Tenet Diagnostics at Hitex Madhapur.

Hyderabad: Tenet Diagnostics, a Hyderabad based leading integrated diagnostic service providers in the country today launched a Drive-through RT-PCR Covid-19 and Covid inflammatory markers blood tests(COVID related blood tests) Facility at Hitex, Madhapur.


The facility is available from 9am to 5pm.


Tenet Diagnostics was one of the first labs in India to be ICMR accredited to conduct covid tests.


About 250 people are expected to utilise this service, and the capacity and locations are to be increased in the near future as and when the need arises says Tenet Diagnostics in a press note issued here in the city today.


As cases are on the rise, more people are seen assembled large numbers at test Centers. More testing facilities are required.


Keeping the patient’s safety and convenience in mind, Tenet Diagnostics has set up a well planned Drive-through facility for RT-PCR testing and Covid inflammatory markers blood tests at Hitex at Gate-1, Madhapur.


All one need to do is to drive into the facility at Hitex and remain seated in the comfort of your car. The complete registration process contact, keeping the safety in mind. The person who is giving the sample needs to submit the documents during registration as specified by the Government of India such as PAN or Aadhar Card. Payment is required to be made via UPI/card/Google Pay etc at the drive through and the individual can proceed to the test.


A phlebotomist will take the sample from the person. Once the sample is collected, the person will receive a WhatsApp message with details and a digital invoice. Tenet Diagnostics will deliver the report within the time frame of 24-48 hours.


Drive-thru coronavirus testing facilities are proven to be effective at making sure the individuals taking and administering tests are secluded and safe. For those who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms such as fever and fatigue, drive-thru testing is the safest mode of giving the sample without having to get out of their vehicles.


This is a widely accepted model currently existing in many advanced countries including various cities in India. In this process, the customers go through the entire testing process in a matter of few minutes thereby limiting the exposure of themselves and frontline workers to the virus. Furthermore, the process prevents asymptomatic patients from contaminating. The key point to be noted is that the testing would be exactly like the conventional testing only. The only difference would be the minimal exposure associated with the model.