Congress not working as positive opposition: Rakesh Pathania

Says we should not bring politics in covid

Congress not working as positive opposition: Rakesh Pathania

Dharamshala: The Forest Minister of HP Rakesh Pathania while reacting over the allegations levied on the state government by opposition leader Mukesh Agnihotri said that the Congress is not working as a positive opposition. 

Addressing the media persons in Dharamshala on Friday, he said, “During Covid period, when the CM was controlling the whole state from Shimla, this opposition said that CM is ignoring the public and keeping himself in Oak Over (his residence in Shimla) only. And now when CM came to public in Kangra the same opposition said that CM is spreading Covid.” 

Pathania said similarly the congress leaders thrice gave memorandum to Governor urging him to instruct the government to bring back all Himachalis who are struck in different states due to Corona lockdown.  And when with the brilliant effort of the state government under the leadership of CM Jai Ram Thakur, we brought back over 2.5 lakh stranded people spending around 13 crore rupees, the same congress said that BJP government of HP brought corona to the state.

Pathania said, “The PM Narendra Modi praised the HP government continuously twice in different CMs online conferences for the way Himachal tackled the Covid Pandemic and advised other states to follow it. In such a situation I don’t know what kind of certificate for covid tackling, the congress wanted from the state government.”   

He said that the leader of the opposition has asked for the convening of the assembly session, so it is not far away, the session shall be convened  around the mid of September.” 

Minister added that we are lucky that the number of active patients is still manageable in HP. “We are working to bring it down”, said Pathania.

He said that HP is the first state in the country to put covid funds details online and the opposition leader is still asking for its details.

Pathania said that he thinks that we should not bring politics in covid.

Traffic rule violators are now under electronic eye in Dharamshala: SP
Dharamshala: SP Kangra Vimukt Ranjan has warned the traffic rule  offenders of Dharamshala city that they are now being watched 24X7 through electronic eye. SP said, “All the persons visiting Dharamshala are informed That ITMS Project has been installed at Dharamshala City and will be operational from 1st September, 2020. Persons violating traffic rules will be challaned through the system from above mentioned date and information in this regard shall be sent through SMS to the owner of the vehicle. So, obey traffic rules and drive safely.”