Complete your corporate look with trendy bangles: 5 designs


Jewellery has a special place in every woman’s heart. And jewellery has its innate capability of portraying a person’s personal taste as well.  They add a tint of sophistication and savvy to woman’s wrist. A lot of people use hand gestures to show something and hands are more or less always on the spotlight, people do notice bangles and if they are one of those trendy bangles, you are sure to get a lot of compliments. There are a variety of designs to choose from and it is quite normal to be confused about what you want.

Here is a list of the top five trendy bangle designs popular among women:

1. Casual designer rope bangles: casual never goes out of style. If you like simple designs and yet want to look classy, so for these ones. They may be very thin and have one or two gemstones studded onto them. Your corporate look cannot get better with the addition of this.

2. The ornate gold bangle: you will find the best gold bangles designs on the internet; they are intricate, beautiful yet have a sophisticated feeling to them. If you love gold, this should be your choice. Gold never goes out of fashion and in India it is very popular. Considering the fact that prices of other stones like diamonds are getting higher with each passing day, gold is often a common choice for people.

3. Gemstone studded bangles: gemstones add a little bit of extra finesse to your simple bangles. If you want to match your outfit, with your jewellery, having a gemstone of the same colour on your bangle can be a really good look. If you are wearing a dress for your meeting which looks a bit drab, add a gemstone studded bangle to complete the look. Ruby and emerald are the most popular and highly demanded stones among customers.

4. Bangles made for occasions: if you have an office party to go to this should be your perfect accessory. A classic diamond bangle can be the best option for you. Designer bangles are available which are made especially for such occasions and they are really well crafted.

5. Cartwheel bangles: these are circular in shape and studded with pink coloured stones. This type of bangle has a very cinch and sophisticated look. They ate perfect for daily wear and can look so pretty.  These bangles can also come in two or three bands and have different stones on each.

Bangles can be really tricky to buy if you do not know the exact size that you want. For this purpose always remember to buy the size which is a few inches bigger than your wrist. Bangles are a great option for gifting as well. These were just the top five of the very many designs that are now available in the market, from kundan, to gold plated; there is a lot of variety. Choose which one you like among these and your corporate look would be complete!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019