Comio EVC Mumbai 2017 starts with a bang on the First Day!

music enthusiasts ushered in their tribe nice

Mumbai, December 16, 2017: It all started late Saturday afternoon when the best of trance artists came together at the Electronic Family Stage to perform at India’s largest 2-Day Multi-Genre Indoor concert at NESCO Centre, Mumbai.

The air was filled with excitement as music enthusiasts ushered in their tribe nice and early to groove to the remarkable set of the Indian trance powerhouse, Snowflakes. The music was groovy enough to invigorate the crowd and keep them pumped for the day.

The set was followed by Chennai based Get Massive who chose to take the Anjuna route and got the fans dancing to the beat of some powerful tracks by Jason Ross and Ilan Bluestone to name a few.

The evening set in and the crowd was completely energized and ready for Armada Prodigies Ruben De Ronde and Rodg. Having played an exclusive back to back set and treating fans to a few of their collaboration including tracks like “Intergalactic” and “Booya”, they were an instant hit with the crowd.

The festival progressed and the gargantuan stage was taken over by Tech-trance super star Marlo. Having a magnetic energy, his set had the crowd swaying to the commanding beats of “Darkside”. He ended his set by dropping the tempo with “Onaj” and having the crowd sing along to it.

The next performance was by another trance legend, Markus Schulz who won over the crowd with his melodic-based techno sound, playing remixes of tracks “Fireflies” and “Love Song.” The crowd jumped to his songs throughout his performance.

The night was closed by the legendary Armin Van Buuren who started his set with the monstrous ASOT 850 anthem “Be In The Moment”. Armin’s set enthralled the audience and were even laced with a few classics which had all the fans nostalgic. He went on to play a few of his hits like “Sunny Days” and “I Need You”.

Devraj Sanyal, MD & CEO, Universal Music Group India & South Asia shared, “The first day of the multi genre music concert in the largest indoor venue in Bombay has officially been one of the best nights EVC has hosted. Armin Van Buuren has knocked it out of the park with his set & I think all his fans are going to remember this night for a long time. We’re ecstatic with the response & can’t wait for a smashing second day.”

Shoven Shah, Founder, EVC & Director Twisted Entertainment (M) Pvt Ltd said, “Armin Van Buuren has been a personal favorite for many years now & watching him perform live at EVC is a dream come true. The Electronic Family Stage really brought together all the Trance music fans in our region & I couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to an incredible Day 2 now.”

As the night came to an end on DAY 1, Comio EVC MUMBAI 2017 was like a dream for the EVC tribe as they experienced trance music at the Electronic Family Stage like never before!

Sunday, December 17, 2017