CMCH organised appreciation ceremony for Covid-19 warriors

The event remained continue for three day

CMCH organised appreciation ceremony for Covid-19 warriors

Ludhiana: The Department of Nursing Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana organized an appreciation ceremony for three days   (28TH, 29TH & 30TH Oct, 2020) for giving thanks to God Almighty for protecting and showing his blessings throughout the seven months of pandemic crisis. The CMC nursing dept. express gratitude to their 500 health care workers from nursing department i.e. DNS, Nursing supervisors, Ward In charges, nurses, clerks & ward attendants who all were involved in the fight against the COVID- 19 pandemic for their dedicated and outstanding work.

Dr. William Bhatti, Director, CMC & H, Dr. Anil Luther, Medical Superintendent, CMC & H, Dr. Jeyaraj Pandian, Principal, Medical college, Dr. Abi M Thomas, Principal Dental college & Dr Reena Jairus Principal College of Nursing, were also the part of this appreciation ceremony. They all were warmly welcomed by Mrs. Gladis S Kumar Nursing Superintendent CMC&H.

Addressing the gathering Dr. William Bhatti, Director, CMC Ludhiana enlightened all regarding outstanding steps being taken by CMC Ludhiana towards the management and care of COVID patients and also appreciated the health care workers for coming forward & working together as a team during this COVID crisis. 

Dr. Anil Luther, Medical Superintendent, CMC & Hospital highlighted the remarkable care being provided to the patients of COVID 19 and also express his gratitude to all employees who acquired this infection but still continued to work in COVID unit.
Dr. Jeyaraj Pandian, Principal of Medical College, CMC & Hospital appreciated our employees and he emphasized the CMC’s contribution in supporting in various crisis the Ludhiana Society has encountered in the past.  

Dr. Abi M Thomas Principal Dental College, CMC & Hospital thanked the Nursing Department and said that the Nsg Dept is the pillar of CMC Hospital during this COVID crisis management.    

Dr Reena Jairus, Principal College of Nursing, CMC & Hospital also appreciated all the employees and compare the nurses with the soldiers who are always ready to fight the battle.

Mrs. Gladis S Kumar, Nursing Superintendent, CMC & Hospital thanked the  Deputy Nursing Superintendents, Nursing Supervisors, In charges, Nurses and Attendants for their hard work from the time COVID started and appreciated everyone for giving quality nursing care for the patients without showing any discrimination due to the infection. She addressed them as “Good Samaritan” during COVID. As token of appreciation, the Nursing Department also distributed the certificates of appreciation and gifts acknowledging their dedicated and outstanding work in COVID area.