CICU alleges, private schools demand hefty donations – exploit parents

Ludhiana, April 6, 2015: Avtar Singh, President, Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings (CICU), Ludhiana today said that though under Section 13 (i) of the Rights to Education Act prohibits schools from taking any kind of donations or capital fee yet all private schools in Ludhiana despite extorting exorbitant amounts in the form of Tuition Fee & Development Funds, they are fleecing parents in the form of either donations to the Trusts floated by them or payment of capitation fee. Without donation, they turn down admissions with the plea that admissions process is over and try in other schools.  As the admission process is nearing completion, parents are busy admitting their wards to the schools so they end up paying hefty demand of school authorities. 
Upkar Singh Ahuja, General Secretary said that the State Education Department and District Administration should keep a check on the bullying attitude of owners of private schools who are misusing their positions to extort money from parents.  If the Government is serious about ending the culture of donations, it should enact a Watertight Admission Act.  The Government should play enabling role so that the deserving wards of industrialists, traders and common man are not deprived of admissions to schools of their choice. 
“We live in the age of Science & Technology and therefore eradicating the menace of donations in schools is the need of the hour”, he said, adding “This exploitation of parents is Human Rights Issue that deeply affects India today.”
Monday, April 6, 2015