Can't fake laughter if something isn't funny: Farah Khan

Can't fake laughter if something isn't funny: Farah Khan
Farah Khan. Source: IANS

Mumbai, Aug 21 (IANS) Choreographer and filmmaker Farah Khan, who appears as the 'Laughing Buddha' on the television programme 'Zee Comedy Show', says it is not very easy to make her laugh.

"My sense of humour is slightly elevated, so rubbish does not make me laugh. Also, I don't like jokes. I like a little madness, playing a certain character and a little bit of physical humour. I enjoy all that. If something is not funny, I will not fake laugh," Farah told IANS.

Opening up on her role as the 'Laughing Buddha', Farah shared: "They've made me the judge, but I'm not really judging it. I'm just enjoying what they are doing. They win the competition depending on how many times a team makes me laugh."

Farah has also been personally benefitted from her association with the show as it has taken away all her stress.

She said: "People need to laugh. We all need to laugh. After sitting on that chair, I feel all my stress is gone. People need a good dose of laughter, especially after the second wave (of Covid-19), which was very depressing. Every day we were only getting bad news, be it from our neighbours, friends, relatives or someone in Bollywood."

The ongoing pandemic has also impacted Farah and made her more accepting about the current situation.

Talking about that, the choreographer-filmmaker said: "There were two phases, one was very stressful and one was very accepting. When the first lockdown happened, everybody was stressed, everybody was worried about their work and income, wondering when will things reopen. After a point I realised that in our industry, people are announcing pictures and running very fast, but I am relieved of all that stress. Whatever will happen will happen at the right time. In that way, I have become more calm and relaxed."

'Zee Comedy Show' airs on Zee TV.