Cambridge Students Outshine in District Chess Tournament


Jalandhar, May 16, 2017: Chess, a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard is one of the world’s most popular games. It is played by millions of people worldwide as a hobby whereas for some it is a passion. The game requires a lot of concentration and deep calculations and the ability to foresee the opponent’s moves and actions. The students of Cambridge International School, Jalandhar, exhibited their capability to calculate long sequences of moves and technical maneuvers by grabbing positions in the ‘Game of Intellectuals’ i.e Chess. The school Chess Team performed in an amazing manner and garnered many positions in District Chess Tournament which was held at Police D.A.V, Jalandhar from May 13,2017 to May 14,2017.
The caliber to evaluate the chess positions, setting up of goals and long term plans for a win enabled Neil Mahajan to grab the first position whereas Aayan Sabharwal stood sixth in the category of Boys (Under 9) .
In the category of Girls Under (9) ,Anahita Verma exhibited her capabilities by clinching the coveted First position. Rabya Chaabra grabbed second postion and Ananaya Arora stood fourth.

In Under 13 (Girls), Kannan Jain grabbed the first position and Tushita Chopra stood fifth. In Under 13 (Boys), Niyamatbir Singh exhibited his excellence by clinching the first position, Jayan Pasricha grabbed second position and Manthan Arora stood fourth.
In Under 17 (Boys) Pankaj Arora proved his intellectual potentials by grabbing the second position.
In Under 25 (Men) Dushyant Sharma exhibited his excellence by clinching the second position.
It is a matter of pride that our school made a clean sweep in three out of seven categories in the Chess Tournament. Under the able guidance of their coach, a lot of effort had been put in by students to achieve this remarkable feat. This outstanding achievement made them stand out and earn praise from everybody.
On this occasion, Chairman Mr. Ajay Bhatia, Deputy Chairman Mr. Deepak Bhatia, Executive Director LWES Mr. J.K Kohli, CEO LWES Dr. Brijesh, Director LWES Mr. Nitin Kohli, Chief Education Officer LWES Ms. Deepa Dogra, Secretariat LWES Ms Geeta Mahajan , Ms. Meenu Huria, Ms Smita Verma , Director and Principal Kiranjoth Dhillon, Sports Coordinator Learning Wings Mr. A.S Sikand, Deputy Sports Coordinator Learning Wings Mr. Anurag Bhardwaj and Ms. Harpreet Sagoo congratulated the winners for bringing glory to the school and their family and wished them good luck for their brilliant future.
Overall, it was a very successful event.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017