Calling for positivity and cooperation

A write-up by Deepa Gupta, Principal, Delhi World Public School, Ludhiana

Calling for positivity and cooperation
Deepa Gupta, Principal, Delhi World Public School, Ludhiana.

As the spread of COVID 19 continues, it brings with it heightened anxiety and concern all over the world. I reach out to you with both concern and optimism for upcoming two weeks where our students and staff will continue to "work from home" which they initiated last week.

Though the circumstances were not foreseen, I am optimistic because it will surely teach some valuable lessons to our dear students as they would certainly realize that the opportunity to go to school and acquire knowledge with their peers is really a blessing. Moreover our students will be able to see that along with teachers, they themselves are responsible for their learning therefore they will be able to develop the art of self-learning.

To facilitate the learning process for our students we have designed a Quarantine Schedule for our young learners.
We miss our apprentices and we hope to be back in session as soon as possible. However for safety of all of our families, it is important that we shift our learning approach until things get back to normal. 

Your continuous verbal appreciation for efforts of our mentors and whole team of DWPS keep us motivated. 

Last but not the least, I urge everyone to be a leader in keeping yourself, family and your community healthy by maintaining social distance and taking nutritional diet which boosts immune system. Also stay informed about COVID-19 through reputable sources such as UNICEF, WHO and National Health Ministry and be aware of fake information/ myths that may circulate by word-of-mouth or online. 

Take care and stay safe!